6 Effective Tips to control monsoon acne

6 Effective Tips to control monsoon acne

Have you developed an inevitable enmity with acne and they literally don’t leave a chance to take revenge on you? 

Then you should know some things about acne so that you can combat it with ease. Along with various other reasons, seasonal changes can also cause acne. Especially monsoons; humidity increases during the rainy season and when it combines with the hotness of summer, it increases sebum production in the skin, leading to a greasy appearance. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The sticky and greasy face invites dust, dirt and sweat, which ends up clogging the pores leading to acne breakouts. In addition to that, the skin becomes pigmented and dull. 

Here are a few tips on how to stop this enmity and have healthy skin. 

Oily & Anti Acne Skin Care Products

  1. Use a face wash enriched with ingredients efficient to combat monsoon acne

To combat acne and maintain a smooth skin texture, a product enriched with acne curing ingredients should be used. Lely’s Acne squash wash consists of salicylic acid, known for regulating sebum production, silver nanoparticles gently exfoliate the skin, and Glycolic Acid minimizes the appearance of pores, and tree tea oil aids in anti-healing acne. All these ingredients rejuvenate and purify the skin, reduce redness, swelling, inflammation, removes excess oil and dirt from the skin, prevent future breakouts and diminish dark spots and acne scars. 

  1. Exfoliation is important to aid acne and oily skin

During monsoons, our skin attracts more impurities, dirt, and bacteria. This bacterial buildup ends up congesting the pores, making skin more vulnerable to breakouts. So, at such times, exfoliation with the right products can work like a boon for you. Lely’s coffee scrub consists of coffee and cocoa, they’re both known for their revitalising qualities. It is enriched with antioxidants that energise your skin and give it a natural glow. Using a scrub regularly can help remove the buildup that forms on the outermost layer of the skin due to pollution, dirt, makeup, and natural oils. It also induces blood flow on the surface which reduces the presence of dead skin cells and helps in the skin regeneration process. 

  1. Dry skin means more breakouts 

Oily skin doesn’t mean moisturized skin. The reason is that inadequately moisturized skin will motivate sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum leading to clogged pores and frequent breakouts. Lely’s Hydra Facial Moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid Gel and has an ultra-smooth texture that glides onto the skin. It moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily residue on the skin.  It helps to nourish, moisturize, and protect dull and tired & ageing skin.

  1. Look for makeup products that do not clog pores

Some makeup products have heavy chemicals in them and are not skin friendly in the long term. Using more makeup can suffocate the skin by plugging the pores. The situation gets even worse if you have oily skin that is prone to acne formation. Further trying to cover that acne with more makeup can make your skin greasy and rough. So, look for makeup products that are light on the skin, does not get deep into pores and get cleaned easily.

  1. Salicylic acid can do wonders for your skin 

During times of changing weather and increasing pollution levels, it is very important to understand how your skin reacts to different products and what works best for your inflamed skin. Lely’s acne sensor gel is one such specially crafted product that ensures pimple-free skin for all skin types. It understands your skin and provides a complete cure for acne and helps to heal pimples, blackheads and reduces scars and dark spots. Salicylic Acid, rich product helps lighten post-inflammatory pigmented acne marks and makes the skin surface smooth while rebalancing collagen production.

  1. Skin care is the key to keeping acne at bay during rains

Treat your skin gently, use mild products, regularly clean everything that touches your face often, for example – change pillow cases and face towels regularly, clean phone surface regularly etc. Other than that, eating a healthy and clean diet can do wonders for your skin. Managing stress, and keeping a peaceful state of mind can help you keep your skin smooth and glowing. All these hygiene measures can help keep your acne-prone skin calm and keep the inflammation away.

The above-mentioned products can be found in the oily & acne range section of the website. For better results, use Lely’s anti-acne kit


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