Moisturizers Skin Care Products Collection

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    Body Moisturising Kit Combo

    (21) 1,334.00
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    Lely’s Glow-On Kit

    (9) 749.00
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    Lely’s Hydrating Creamy Facewash

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    Lely’s Skin Rejuvenating Duo

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    Lely’s Replenish skin care Moisturising Cream

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    Lely’s Replenish skin care Moisturising Lotion

    (6) 330.00
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Give your dry skin the hydration it’s been asking for, with Lely’s dry skin range.

Skin can get drier than a desert if it’s not given the tender love and care it needs. But how can that be achieved? A moisturizing cream is an excellent starting point. However, it’s not enough. Think of dry skin as a shrivelled plant that needs to be watered consistently. In attempts to look youthful, the entire skincare routine needs to be enriched with the optimum amount of hydration. 

Lely’s dry skin range of products contains moisturizing properties that are meant to keep your skin smooth and supple throughout the day.

Moisturizing cream: The formula on this moisturizing cream is assimilated with the nutrition a dry skin type needs such as vitamin E, aloe vera and glycerine. The cream spreads and melts into facial skin like butter. 
Moisturising lotion: Formulated with the same ingredients as the face cream, the body lotion is lightweight yet quick absorbing. Comes in a bigger bottle that will last you a really long time.
Hydrating creamy facewash: A facewash will strip your skin from the natural oils it produces and that’s quite daunting for dry skin. A moisturizing face wash has a creamy consistency that regenerates your skin’s dead cells at the same time.

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