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    Best Skin Care Products for Combination Skin

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    Lely’s Coffee Scrub

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    Lely’s Oil Free Skin Care Kit

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    Lely’s Acne Sensor Gel

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    Lely’s Acne Squash Wash

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Oily, Acne-prone Skin and Lely’s Acne Range is a Match Made in Heaven

Oily skin is an open magnetic field for acne, due to the skin’s natural sebum production. Meanwhile,  acne creams and anti-acne creams do solve a purpose, given they have the right ingredients. It still isn’t a wholesome approach.

Oily skin is bad news. There’s no getting around that. While their bodies produce natural oils for keeping the skin healthy and moisturized, we humans go and mess up this healthy equilibrium by using hygienic products such as soap, deodorants and face wash. Acne is a problem faced by most people who have oily skin.

On the other hand, you may have an oily skin type and not have acne. So, yes, that is possible; however, it is still prone to it, so you better go and start hunting for those best creams for pimples in India.

The primary purpose of an oily skin regimen is to have the skin’s oils under control. However, that only comes through with a consistent skincare regime that aims at healing the skin from within by unclogging the pores, keeping the dirt and gunk away while adding the much-needed hydration, as well.

So oily skin needs to be hydrated as well? Yes, but with a balance. The goal of oily skin is to hydrate it without adding extra oil from other products or creams for acne. Your skin would get dry if there were no moisture at all, and it would overcompensate by creating more oil, and excess sebum production means more pimples and blackheads.

Are you looking to buy acne creams over the counter? Try Lely’s combo for oily skin. It has been formulated with the best acne cream ingredients sprinkled across the range. In addition, it is powered by silver nanoparticles that are deep absorbent and are meant to repair the protective barrier.

Acne Squash Wash: The name of this face wash says it all. It is essential to start skincare on a clean canvas. For that, a face wash is a way to deal with getting rid of the excess oil. This performs better than any of the best creams for pimples. Acne scars are eliminated, and pores are tightened with this magnificent formula. 

It also rejuvenates dull and dry skin while preventing future breakouts as well. In addition, the unique formulation protects your skin from becoming overly dehydrated, irritated, or over-dry. Like it was mentioned, hydration is super important, which this face wash contributes towards.

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