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Lely’s Hair Oil for Hair Growth

3.95 out of 5


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Lely’s Hair oil is made from 10 essential oils that will help to nourish, strengthen the roots and repair dry damaged hair. Hair oil is very lightweight which can be easily absorbed. It does not make your hair heavy after oiling. Oil gives your Hair Moisture, Luster and Shine.

  • The oil contains Vitamin C which has antioxidants that will help you to strengthen and condition the follicles down to the roots of the hair.
  • Hair Oil quickly absorbs into the hair and helps to block bacteria and irritants from causing down the roots.
  • Hair Oil also contains Antifungal and Antimicrobial properties which help to reduce Dandruff.
  1. Tried this oil first time and happy with the results on my hair. My hair feels better and shinier after the application. Will use it regularly. And it smells really good after applying oil it feels relaxed.
  2. Very good quality hair oil for hair fall control and hair regrowth. It is having 10 different oil combinations which is very beneficial for hairs. Just go for it.
  3. I'm using this oil for a week and this oil gives me relax in my head, improve my hairs quality and for me this oil is the best as i had tried many other oils too.
  4. just received.. it's very light.. the smell is very mild Good hair oil..and price worthy.. really nice
  5. Must say this Magic for hair
  6. This oil comes with the very good packaging.
  7. I am fan of this hair oil now.
  8. I've tried many different hair oils but after trying this one I can tell I'll be using for sure. It smells great.
  9. Love this hair oil
  10. Must try
  11. Purchased for my mother. My whole family using it now
  12. Superb product for fizzy hairfall
  13. Good product for hair
  14. The bottle is sealed tight and delivered quite on time, really happy with service. Authentic and quality product.
  15. Very nice with a leak proof bottle. Good one
  16. Nice hair oil.. came in a good condition.. my mom is happily using it..
  17. Came with good packaging condition it's really good product.100% worth buying
  18. My hair are so much rough and frizzy. No hair oil work on my hair that's why i used to some home made oil of herbs.. But all this process is so much hectic . I ordered this hair oil and apply on my scalp. It works really gud. My hair are now in much better condition with little efforts..
  19. This is the product I was looking for in my entire adulthood. Key pointers about awesomeness of the product: 1) Starting with the biggest one, it reduced my HAIRFALL 2) Hair oil is non-sticky and you can apply it even if you have outing plans 3) So many herbal ingredients, we cannot assume to have in one product, researched more about those ingredients and they have extraordinary benefits for you hairs and scalp 4) Product container is awesome 🤩, looks like some deodrant and is very easy to carry without fear of leakage Thank you Lely's for introducing such a nice product in the market

Lely’s Hair Growth Lotion

4.50 out of 5


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Lely’s Hair Growth Lotion is a natural Hair growth enhancer with hair actives and hair nutrients that is Safest Hair Growth Treatment.

  • Hair lotion is effective for both male and female patterns of baldness.
  • With an innovative formula that reactivates hair follicles and rebalances the effect on the natural hair cycle.
  • Strengthens the hairs from roots and promotes the growth of health and strength.
  • Safe and compatible with other hair products too.
  • Contains L-Arginine, Anagain, Gingseng Root extract, Aloe vera
  1. This is a life savior for me..i was going through a massive hair fall from last 6 months..i thought i will be bald within few months 😭.. there are so much product option for hair fall..but they were costly..i thought give this hair lotion one a try..and miraculously it worked like wonder..i started seeing results from very first day..i am using it from last month..no problem of hair fall 🤗..i am very happy with my hair😍 i think new hair is also coming 😇..and the smell is heavenly ❣️.. believe me it's the best product ..go and buy it without any doubt..you will be happy 🤗
  2. Have been using the hair lotion for few weeks. Helps a lot to calm my itchy scalp, hair fall and with hair loss. Easy to apply and comb-over.
  3. I began using this because my hair was rapidly falling out due to stress and such. I was just looking for anything to try and this was recommended so I went for it. Within a few days I noticed significantly less hair loss when I brush my hair. Overall I'm so happy with this product and will continue to use.
  4. I have tried many oils but they don't work. I have started using this product before 15 days and result is positive i can see huge change in my hairs. I highly recommend to use this product.
  5. Smell is really good... U can apply it daily to your scalp after hair wash... No one can judge u have applied something in hairs even if u Dnt wash your hair next day of applying...it works great but needs to be used for long
  6. Loved the ingredients to be honest. Just started using this product from 2 weeks and I have started getting results in hair fall reduction. I trust this brand so much ❤
  7. Must bye... Great effect. Amazing product ...easy to use.
  8. Its good. Cant say it’s stopped my hair falling but i had some scalp issues which is now gone...
  9. If you have dandruff, hairfull and an itchy dry scalp then please try this once. It is a relief to the itchy scalp and cleans the scalp very well without leaving it dry. It helped to control hairfall
  10. Absolutely loved it! I have had dry itchy scalp for years. Have tried everything. And recently it's gotten so bad that my hair started turning grey, I had MASSIVE hair fall and my head is constantly itching. This lotion is literally magic for me! After 1 application my hairfall and itchiness reduced. Have applied 2 week now and I'm so happy with the results already. I am applying it twice a week. One tip, be generous when applying. The ticker layer gave me better results. Last time applied a thinner layer on scalp and the results were not as good as earlier. And 1 big bonus... It smells great!
  11. I have been using this product for two months This product is just amazing i had so much of hairfall and heavy dranduff after 2 months of use it was completely stopped We should use it continuously for better results as i am using 3rd bottle now I highy recommend this product
  12. I am simply in love with this organic hair lotion. This is the best hair care product I have used so far. One solution for all the hair problems. This Hair Lotion reduced my hair fall problem and keeps my dry and frizzy hair moisturized all the time and also made my hair soft and silky. Super satisfied with the results.
  13. This hair lotion exactly does what it says. I'm using this hair lotion for a while and I noticed a significant difference in my hair's look and feel. It made my hair soft and smooth. I also like it's soothing fragrance. It comes in a attractive squeezer bottle and is easy to use and apply. Definitely recommend this.
  14. Amazing hair lotion, 1 Solution for all hair problems , Since 2 week's I'm using this hair lotion, really I'm in love with it.......I was suffering from a huge hair fall after using this lotion my hair loss reduced nicely, hair volume and texture has improved a lot, it has a amazing fragrance....I must recommend to try this lotion..... Satisfied with this product....❤️ Good experience 😊
  15. I'm the kinda of person who tried everything for hair loss and fed up. Suggested by a friend, i started using this Lelys hair lotion, and i can see visible see differences in few weeks. My hair loss reduced dramatically, hair volume and texture has improved a lot.
  16. Excellent product for hair growth. It really works. This lotion is very helpful to stop my hair falling. I used it regularly. This is very nice and natural product. I used in my scalp massage and it's very effective. Thank you for suggesting such a great product.
  17. Can't get over this amazing lotion
  18. I really can feel the hair growth in 2 months
  19. Good Product for my hair
  20. Good Product
  21. So good one
  22. Packging is so good that i am so impressed. Looking forward to have great results.
  24. Lotion seems my hair saviour started growing laready
  25. Lovely product, helping my hair to grow a bit
  26. Very nice product

Lely’s Hair Care Serum

4.50 out of 5


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Lely’s Hair Serum is intensive Hair Care Serum.

  • Get rid of dry, frizzy, and tangled hair with Lely’s Hair Serum.
  • The non-Sticky formula is a unique blend of conditioners, Amino Acids, Anti-Oxidants, and Hair Moisturizers. 
  • Smoothens, Softens, Strengthens, and repairs hair from roots to ends.
  • Improves and controls frizzy hairs.
  • Covers each hair strand and prevents split ends.
  • Leaves your hairs bouncy, silky, glossy, and shiny.
  • Use it for overall hair protection.
  1. Good product. Very useful For Men and Women. Good quality. You can use this product. Very nice
  2. This serum is very good ,it helps to keep hair from damaging and keep hair all day smooth and shiny
  3. Very good product. It help in hair smooth, shine,silky and manageable for the whole day
  4. After having tried most the hair serum I have come to live this the most it makes my hair so soft after hair wash and it doesn’t make your hair frizzy at all stays like that until your next hair wash this is indeed the best hair serum
  5. Me and my sister absolutely love this serum. It's our second bottle! No matter what shampoo and conditioner you're using, if you apply this serum your hair will look a lot more presentable.
  6. I use this product since three months no more words to explain my experience.. I used this product after hair wash and Love let it natural dry then comb my hair in a bit of wet then it gives the best result
  7. Scent is really nice, and the texture!!! damn... It's so smooth... my hair to make them look smooth but this Lely's serum is 😍 loveee... I am using this for two months and believe me I use it everytime After I wash my hairs. I use it two times per week.
  8. I have a rough hair. I heard about this serum n give try and I'm very happy to see the result. My hair becomes so smooth.it is very easy to use. After using this serum my hair becomes shiny and smooth.
  9. I'm a guy with long curly hair. I was going through hair fall because of my curly hair which gets easily tangled and forms a lot of knots. Combing my hair was a nightmare. It was a lot difficult to manage. But applying this serum has solved a major part of it. Hair is much easy to manage. Combing hair is less stressful.I spread it evenly on my hair and brush it. It makes my curly hair wavy with very less hair fall and hair looks wow and smells best
  10. The best thing about the hair serum is that it non greasy and does not weigh the hair down like some other serums! It is light and leaves the hair pretty smooth and frizz free! i love this serum
  11. This hair serum suits all hair types and doesn't leave any residue behind. Unlike most serums, it won't make your hair look oily. Lely's surely has become my favorite brand for every product! 😍
  12. Amazing glossy and shiny hair serum from Lely's. Controls frizz and makes hairs smooth. Gives amazing scent to hair. After some usage hairs feels so soft. Full value of money.
  13. Really nice product... As I needed something lightweight on my hair during day time... And it does a perfect job.... Looks good... And the smell is just too good... Go for it.
  14. One pump is enough for short hair but if have long waist-length hair like me them u need one more pump amount for length. It has vitamin E and Lecithin which not only detangle your hair even provide strength and shine. It has a soft scent which is an added bonus at this price
  15. If you are troubled with tangled hair after every wash and scared of hairfall then its a best product for u. i love it
  16. I took a chance on this product but I am good I did!! My hair is very frizzy when out for a long period of time!! after using serum my hair feels good
  17. I love this serum and makes my hair soft and smell is best
  18. I love this serum and makes my hair soft
  19. I am writing this review after 4-5 uses of this Lely's Hair Serum product and it has become my absolute favorite of all time. It detangles hair so smoothly that eventually hairfall is reduced. Love love love this product now.
  20. I have very frizzy curly hair and need to condition my hair and apply the serum every time I shampoo. This serum is so good that I can hardly notice the difference even when I don't apply conditioner sometimes. It makes my hair relatively more smooth, silky and most definitely frizz-free. It requires only a little quantity per application.
  21. Lely's Hair serum is the best and my all-time favorite product..... It softens your hair and gives a silky, classy look... It is good even on sensitive hair with zero bad effects...
  22. Excellent results I am relieved that my hair fall has stopped...after using it for 10 days only. I am glad that I purchased Lely's Hair Serum product. I am really happy with this product… recommended …. highly 👍🏻 Great work Lely's team!
  23. Very nice I was shocked after using this serum since I tried lot of serum but this serum gives amazing result
  24. Hair serum works great on my hair. Loved it a lot.
  25. So so so smooth and soft hair after using it.
  26. The best serum i have ever tried
  27. Forget about famous serums I love this one
  28. Love this product
  29. Must have for working women
  30. Trully no chip chip on hair
  31. Very effective
  32. I am big fan of this serum
  33. Hi.. everyone It is really really amazing product. Easy to apply because of it's best packing. After using it my hair looks shiny, smooth and silky. Best serum in this budget...
  34. The serum is light and non-sticky and the best way to impart shine post hair wash.
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