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Best Products For Dry Skin at Lely’s

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Dry skin is a condition that's more common than you might think. There can be many causes of Dry skin like winter, cold weather, dry air, or medical conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc., mostly unavoidable factors. But some factors like your skincare routine, lack of nourishment, and proper moisturization can be controlled and corrected to help reduce the effects of dryness and repair your skin.

Dermatologists recommend applying a moisturizing cream every morning to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. However, keeping up with this simple skincare routine can be challenging, so we've decided to make things easier for you! We teamed up with the top skin experts and dermatologists to develop Lely's products for dry skin.

Lely's Replenish Skin Care Moisturising Cream

Lely's Replenishing Skin Care moisturizing cream is India's best dry skin product. Suitable for men & women of all skin types, this skin cream contains a light, non-greasy hypoallergenic formula that helps the cream easily absorb into your skin. This allows the moisturizer to revitalize your complexion and provides intense nourishment while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lely's Replenish Skin Care Moisturizing Lotion

Replenish your skin with over 60% more moisturization with this intensely nourishing body lotion for dry skin from Lelys. Suitable for dry to extra-dry skin, Replenish Lotion contains a combination of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Glycerine to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. In addition, our convenient pump dispenser gives you just the right amount of lotion every time.

Lely's Hydrating Creamy Facewash

Lely's Hydrating creamy face wash is the best face wash for dry skin. It removes dirt and dead skin cells without disrupting your natural oil balance. This cream not only cleans your skin but also calms it by protecting it from any irritation. Use this face wash daily to achieve a radiant and wholly refreshed look to the skin, instantly making you look years younger. 

At Lely's, we know your skin can get dry with weather changes and lack of moisture. Our products for dry skin, like our moisturizing kits, face wash, face scrub, and body lotion, will help you combat the dehydration, flakiness, and pores that plague your skin.

Shop our collection of luxurious, gentle skincare products. In addition, we have the latest innovations in skin specialists and the best affordable travel size kits. To find the best products for dry skin, shop online today at Lely's!