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Lely's All In One Multi-Functioning Cream Lely's All In One Multi-Functioning Cream
Lely's Back All In One Multi-Functioning Cream Lely's Back All In One Multi-Functioning Cream

Lely’s All in One Multi-Functioning Facial Cream

4.57 out of 5


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Lely’s multi-functioning Facial Cream is All in one solution for skincare.

  • Instant beautifier with concealing effects.
  • This all-in-one skincare and sun protection product has SPF 25.
  • Conceals all types of pigmentation, blemishes, discoloration, and reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Hydrates and creates perfect lustrous skin tones.
  • Non-greasy and spreads easily on the skin giving a matte finished look
  • That can be used as a base before applying make-up.
  • One-stop solution for skin lighting, anti-aging, sunscreen, moisturizing, and concealing.
  1. I have been using Lelys All in one Multi functioning Facial cream a long time now. My skin is extremely sensitive and most of the products doesn't suit my skin. However Lelys has always come to my rescue. After delivery my face got dark spots, eye bags , uneven skin tone and fine lines too. But since after using Lelys Multi functioning cream my face is getting back to it's original glow. I recommend it to all the ladies working or at home mom's. It also contains spf 25 and is very gentle on skin. A pea size amount is enough and you are good to go. It's not heavy on face and absorbs well. I also use it as a mosturizer before I make up. I make sure to carry it with me wherever I go.
  2. Its the best All in One Multifunctioning face cream you can ever have. 1. It blends with your natural skin tone. 2. It hides most of the blemishes and spots. 3. It gives a dewy finish which is awesome and long lasting. 4. It do not have a strong smell which is good. 5. It provides flawless finish
  3. Nice All in one face cream by Lelys Having good SPF and texture We can use it for small functions and events It gives a base to your skin Nice packaging with good amount It has a skin lightening, anti aging, it has SPF 25, Moisturization and consealing Make your skin smooth and supple Affordable price
  4. The All in one face cream was very smooth to apply, small quantity spread well across the face. The texture was also good, not sticky but absorbed well into the skin. I was keen to try it since it has skin brightening effects and anti aging properties. I liked it as a daily use moisturizer. Nice light fragrance too.
  5. The product is packed very nicely and it's a premium range of product .... It's my daily routine to cleanse face and apply Lelys Multifunctioning face cream after my shower ... It's for all skin type my being a mix skin mixture of oily and dry still spreads evenly ... Without any patches... Gives a very clear and natural look... Very good for daily use .... It's been almost 10 days and i can see the difference on my face and makes me feel young which every women wana feel .. super happy with it and a must product for daily regime ...
  6. The texture of cream is very very good. It gets absorbed in skin very nicely. It has concealing cream feature as well. So you don't need to apply foundation or something. It is basically anti ageing cream so you can apply everyday. One it benefits skin quality because of age defying features. Second it works like concealing effect which gives clean n neat look and shine on face. Very Light on face. It takes less quantity to apply as it spreads nicely all over the face. Good for every weather and skin type. Go for this . Complete value for money.
  7. Gifted to my mother. She loves it. Her uneven skin tone problem is getting reduced. Even though it is Multi functioning face cream she uses at night also
  8. Liked the texture of this cream.My collegue used my multi functioning face cream once and requested me to order the same for her immediately after..Blends very well..doesnt leave any patch unlike other face creams.
  9. I am using this Multifunctioning Facial cream since a month now. I have used other face creams available in the market in similar price range. But this one is a best face cream. It gives coverage to the whole face with a small quantity of the cream and lasts for a longer period of time. Fragrance is amazing too.
  10. Loved the scent of the product. The quality is really nice too and lands nicely on the skin
  11. Good & value for money
  12. I bought this for my personal use, as my skin is little bit dark. After using this for a while i got amazing result. I seen some changes in some days. It's formula helps to remove pigmentation, dark circle and make skin fair and soft. It's too good in winter also.
  13. I have searched high and low, AND for years, for the right Multifunctioning cream for my weird skin. Major brands have not been able to do much; either I'd look straight out of a horror movie, or my facial skin would be way too flaky. Long story short, I bought this on a whim. Having just bought their face wash a while back and loving it a lot, I wanted to give this a shot. And boy am I glad that I did! The cream smells great, spreads so very evenly, and does exactly what it promises to do. The packaging is pretty neat too, and looks quite elegant.
  14. Purchased this Multifunctioning face cream from lelys and I am really impressed with the result. It gives me a radiant and a firmer skin.My wrinkles has been reduced quite and my skin looks younger than before. My pigmentation has been reduced and now my skin looks more clear. Overall happy with my purchase.
  15. It doesn’t give coverage, just a sheer film with good, it keep your skin moisture. If you have imperfections in your complexion, this is for you. I am using this as a primer for my makeup and it’s really great. gives a glow while keeping the skin moisturized for entire day.
  16. My face have less wrinkles and skin started looking less pigmented and the texture of my skin soft
  17. I just love this product!! I have people tell me how radiant my skin is! I recommend All in one multifunctioning face cream to every women & some men when skin care comes up. People don’t believe I’m my age I have almost no wrinkles!!!
  18. Redefine all in one Multi-Function face Cream is the ONLY face cream I use for the fine lines and wrinkles. Now the only time I have "smile lines" is when I'm smiling! 🙂
  19. I can tell a difference immediately after applying- my skin look refreshed and brighter. The wrinkles have become less noticeable since using. WELL worth the money I paid!
  20. Good product, recommended for all skin types, especially with skin pigmentation and wrinkles
  21. Good product, recommended for all skin types, especially with skin pigmentation
  22. As it claimed.All in one cream. It actually makes skin clean n brighter.Love it's fragrance.suitable for all skin type also.surely give a try.
  23. It is very effective I just love this product I m a no makeup hence this helps me very much to get a glow with 1 go thank you lely's for coming up with beautiful products which doesn't have any side effects
  24. good product and services
  25. good
  26. I bought this for my mother and believe me it has worked for her is amazing.
  27. The cream is good for people who do not use a lot of base makeup and want to use the cream as a standalone product.
  28. Worth of money
  29. Excellent results 👍amazing beauty cream
  30. Bestest product
  31. Having good texture We can use it for functions and events
  32. Prior to purchasing Lely’s all in one multi functioning cream, I was using one other reputed brand’s foundation. But, I must say after using Lely’s cream once, I have set my old brand’s cream aside. Starting with the packaging, it comes in a beautiful, compact and stylish bottle which can be easily carried while traveling too as I did while I was traveling. The pump is good, the cream comes out easily. The thickness of cream is on point – not too thin and not too thick so it can be applied easily on face. After applying it gave a smooth texture and a little fair look to my face. The best part was it felt very light on my face – not very cakey unlike other creams. I happened to wear it for the entire day while traveling under scorching hot sun in a temperature of around 40% and the cream did not come off. It lasted as it is for the entire time which is the reason why I loved wearing it and would love to wear it often. I highly recommend it all girls who love wearing a light weight foundation and have a natural looking glow. Loved it 😊
  33. It is beyond my expactations. Intsant glow for my skin.
  34. Very nice product for acne
  35. Very nice product
  36. I dont need any makeup after applying this kit.
  37. I dont need any makeup after applying this
  38. Far better than other BBcream 🤩🤩🤩
  39. Far better than other BB cream 🤩🤩🤩
  40. Very nice
  41. This multi purpose cream works as a light foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen too. Now I don't have to buy or carry (during travels) different products. This one works well for me.
  42. Worth the buy
  43. As tge name suggests it is actually multifunctional, it mosturises my skin so nicely, also gives a smooth texture and protection from sun, its conceals my dark patches too.
  44. This has to be the most favourite of mine😍
  45. Great product. Acts as a base for me while applying make up. SPF coverage makes it a daily wear for me.
  46. This kit is very promising. My skin was not behaving well due to monsoon so I tried these products a d they really stand out. Face wash: The face wash deeply cleanses the skin and removes all the layers of dirt and moisturises from deep within. Moisturising Cream and Lotion: I have applied it in the morning abd left for work and it stayed all day. May hands were feeling soft even at the time I returned back. Multifunctioning Cream: Trust me if you have this, you do not need any foundation. Its texture is very light a d doesn’t feels heavy on skin.
  47. good products and service

Lely’s Replenish Skin Care Moisturising Lotion

4.43 out of 5


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Lely’s Replenish Skin Care Moisturising Lotion inspires you to nourish your skin.

  • specially formulated moisturizer to replenish skin moisture and protect it.
  • Infused with phospholipids to replenish skin cells and promote cell hydration.
  • Its fast-absorbing and the non-greasy formula gives excellent spreadability and gives skin long-lasting hydration all day.
  • Gives the skin a non-oily matte look.
  1. Good moisturizer from renowned brand, basically it is for dry skin but I think it can be used for all skin type it doesn't make skin oily.Its good for winter season but can be used daily.my sister is using this product since year and believe me it's good at your skin it nourishes your skin and make it healthy and soft.Highly recommended
  2. This is a great moisturizer for dry skin people,it makes your skin soft. Also helpful to reduce dry and dull patches of the skin. The light moisturizer is infused with the goodness of Lecithin, Vitamin E and Bees Wax. 1. Reasonable price. 2. Softens skin 4. Absorbed easily 5. Moisturizes skin effectively
  3. This is my most favourite moisturiser because it does moisturise the skin for longer period of time. I have dry skin and when I started using this moisturiser I could see the results in few days. You can use it in a day or in night. It is very soothing. I’ve been using this from past 6 months now and I’m in so love with Lelys moisturisers. Lelys has never failed me. I’ve recommended this to my friends and they’re also loving it. It has a long lasting fragrance. This moisturiser is dermatologist approved and it can be used by all type skin.
  4. It is one of the best moisturizers available. It is an absolutely good body mosturizer, very light and so gentle, non comedognic. Nourishes well. Good Smell and long lasting. Happy with my purchase 🙂
  5. Product is good.. Light on skin... Aromatic essence...!!
  6. Lelys always comes up with interesting products at an affordable price.. Girls having sensitive skin will also love it because it doesn’t irritate the skin. This moisturizes skin so your skin won’t feel stretchy or dry after using it.
  7. Body lotion is long-lasting and it's consistency is good I used for all season, but specially in winters it is very useful as it keeps moisture in if used after shower immediately The packaging was good and the smell is good too😁
  8. Using this product since last 6 Month , even though mans skin is much different than that of women's but still this lotion is really good no oilyness smooth skin and a great drive throughout the day
  9. I always prefer Lelys lotion .....its good for all skin types ....even those of my friends who do not use after seeing me they also used it ......fragrance not too strong not to light...
  10. Overall good product. Nice fragrance. Good lotion
  11. Needed a light weight , nongreasy body lotion and this one is just the right one. This Vitamin E and Bees Wax ingredient in this body lotion comes in a bottle with pump packaging . The quantity is good and one bottle can go for long time. This body lotion is very light weight and you need a very little amount , spreads easily and you are good to go. Leaves skin soft , glowing and supple. Has a mild pleasant fragrance which last for long time.
  12. This product is very good, I would recommend to go for this product without thinking twice,
  13. I like the soft feel of the lotion on my skin. But dont apply on face lelys recommends not to use on face it is good for body. Use immediately after the shower to lock in moisture. Nice smell.
  14. Very smooth and and easy to apply. Within a week found the difference. vitamin E and bees wax in a lotion sit hydrates your skin for a longer period of time .
  15. I have been using Lelys product for quite some time now. So when I saw this moisturizer,I didn't have any hesitation to just go ahead with it. Well,I have used many other lotion. They are really good. But somehow Lelys has an edge over them. Lelys is less greasy And the smell is good. It feels like a pleasant perfume. Well,I would definitely recommend Lelys over other moisturizers.
  16. good product
  17. like it
  18. good product like it smell is good
  19. I give 5 stars for this coz it's an excellent product. Worth using this. Nice aroma through out the day. Skin softeens using this lotion. Nice smell.
  20. My wife has a severe dry skin problem. Winter dry weather condition tests the best of the lot. She's tried all kinds of moisturizers, both domestic as well as imported. Some work ok, some not at all. Lely's is just what it says. She's very happy with it. efficacy-wise, very impressive.
  21. It’s a non greasy, quick-absorbing body lotion. I mainly use it for my legs and hands as they become extremely dry in winters. It provides adequate hydration to the skin. I was little worried before purchasing. To be honest it’s fragrance is very pleasant and stays for a longer period of time. Anyone who is worried about how it smells? It smells good. Give a thumbs up, if you find it helpful. 😁
  22. I felt Lely's moisturising lotion is less greasy than other lotions. And the smell is just incomparable. It feels like a pleasant perfume.
  23. I have been using Lely's products for quite some time now. So when I saw this moisturizer,I didn't have any hesitation to just go ahead with it. Well,I have used many other creams & lotion they are good. But somehow Lely's moisturizing lotion has an edge over them.
  24. Amazing product. Helped a lot for my dry skin
  25. Good for my skin and skin freindly with effective cost
  26. Good one for now want to see effectively it will work on winters
  27. Perfetct for my deadly dry skin
  28. Good one
  29. A Perfect lotion, with all the ingredients i needed for good moisturised skin
  30. Last really long perfect moisturiser for your body

Lely’s Coffee Scrub

4.50 out of 5


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Detoxify your body and face With Lelys Coffee Scrub

  • Lely’s coffee scrub gives a healthy glow to the face and body.
  • Coffee scrub reduces the appearance of cellulite and tan and also delays the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps energize the look of the skin, brightens skin, softens, moisturizes and repairs damaged skin.
  • When you do scrubbing it improves blood flow.
  • It reduces inflammation, treats acne, Dark circles, sunburn and
  • it gives calming effect by reducing stress.
  • It exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin and excess oils.
  • Coffee Scrub is ideal for males and females.
  1. Smells like coffee. So refreshing. The granules are small enough as to not be abrusive. Really nice product. Also the scent is beautiful. I love it
  2. This has ALWAYS BEEN A GREAT PRODUCT! It’s great for getting the dirt out of your pores and leaves your skin SILKY SMOOTH! Just started using it all over my body, make sure you rinse a long time and get it all off!
  3. Love the smell and texture. Good for normal to sensitive skin. After using skin feels so soft.
  4. Suggested by one of my friend. She is using this product since 6 month and got good result. So even i thought to go for it as it is suitable for all type of skin. Nice scrub liked it so much and highly recommend to use
  5. The texture is smooth The scent is like freshly brewed coffee
  6. Very nice product.. smell is just amazing..it smells like fresh coffee 😂 ..I loved it.. Lely's products are really nice I use most of their products.. very refreshing.good to for dry skin ..go for it
  7. I loved this product. I have always been using Lely's products. Now this is a new try. I liked the texture it's creamy and makes skin supple. Lely's coffee scrub with walnut particles in this scrub has smaller granules which give you a fresh feeling and moisturized skin. Loved it. You can buy it 👍
  8. I have highly sensitive dry skin & have been using various other products over the years & they have never failed to produce the results.. This is a must-have product for your daily/weekly face care regime. It has such creamy texture, medium granular that deep cleans the skin, without impacting the PH balance, evenly smoothens the skin, lightens the tan & gives that post-facial glow.
  9. It's very gentle...good for sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  10. Nice and refreshing scrub. Smells like coffee. Overall a good scrub to clean your skin.
  11. I really have no words for Lely's coffee scrub. Not only this but also the other products are as usual very good. It's also helpful for sensitive skin.
  12. Smooth on skin with good aroma
  13. The coffee scrub actually contains coffee n cocoa. I m in love with the smell as well as the texture. It cleans away impurities from the skin in an instant leaving it smooth n radiant.
  14. I bought Lely's Coffee scrub recently and it's really amazing. It helps to remove dead cells , deeply exfoliates and makes skin soft and supple. Got best results within 1 week , smells good , quantity is also good.. reasonable price.. I highly recommend it. They have really changed my mindset against cosmetics. Value for money product
  15. I bought Lely's Coffee scrub recently and it's really amazing. It helps to remove dead cells , deeply exfoliates and makes skin soft and supple. Got best results within 1 week , smells good , quantity is also good.. reasonable price.. I highly recommend it.
  16. The scrub has really fine walnut granules which isn't harsh on the skin. Having an extremely sensitive skin I am cautious about the products I use. I chose this after going through the reviews. It worked excellently for me. Not only does it clear and brighten the skin but the effect remains same for more than a week.
  17. Amazing product.. helps to remove dead cells, pigmentation and makes skin look soft and fresh. Coffee in itself is a great exfoliator. u will definitely love the fragrance and product.
  18. This is a amazing face and body scrub I'm using this scrub from last two weeks and it have gave me really good results it has improved my skin glow, my face skin is very sensitive but it suits me pretty well, Can be suitable all types of skin, smell is very good. Wonderful scrub at this price go for it.
  19. Few days ago I have ordered this face scrubber. Previously I have also used Lely's brand product and I like to use those products, so this time I have ordered this one. And I am really satisfied with this. This product gently scrubs, u can see an effective result after using This product. And This is affordable also.
  20. Nice product helps to remove tan would definitely recommend. It worked well on me
  21. I bought this a few weeks ago. Honestly, I did not expect such good results. 1. A small amount goes a long way! 2. My skin feels soft, fresh and supple. This gives a moisturized smoothness though you're just scrubbing! 3. I did not expect blemishes and my tan to get lighter with the first use itself. My feet and neck had been tanned badly and I could see the results after 1 use only. 4. Worth the value. Considering how effective this is and how a few spoons does the work - I think this is very affordable because it will last for many months. 5. I love how the walnut grains don't hurt but you can understand how they are working on your skin. The feeling is amazing 6. I have normal to sensitive skin and I'm extremely happy with the product. I highly recommend this product. A few tips: Remember to give yourself time for scrubbing. You will not only feel pampered but the more you scrub while massaging, the better the outcome.
  22. Body scrub made by Lely's with natural ingredient nourish and moisturized my skin. Smells nice a good product regular use can give the visible result.
  23. Let me start it by saying that I have a super sensitive skin. But after reading the reviews, I wanted to try the scrub. So for the first time before usage I did a test on my hand. I have used this Lely's coffee scrub twice till now, it is a good product. It gives you good moisturising texture, people who love the fragrance of coffee like me will like the scent. Yes it did remove my tanning and gave my body soft & supple feel after the scrub.
  24. I like the packaging and smell of the coffee with walnut shell particles. Product is amazing. I'm putting up the review after using the product for 2 weeks. And i can say without a doubt it's must buy. Makes ur skin soft, smooth and glowing.
  25. I saw a YouTuber reviewing this product and instantly thought of trying it out. First of all thanks to Lely's, the product was delivered in time and in a proper condition. I have already used it twice and I am really happy with it. After using the product you do tend to notice how smooth, soft and supple your skin feels, no issue of dryness. You genuinely get a spa-like feeling after using it. Using it twice a week will surely make your body clean, moisturized and hydrated with a wonderful coffee smell. Will definitely recommend to this to my friends and family.
  26. This is a genius product, this product is for men also I used it regularly You can use it by wetting it with water for best results, This product is actually budget-friendly for the amount of product it comes with, It also has a pleasant sent of coffee
  27. Always am will be a fan of Lely's products....the smell of pure coffee freshens while taking shower...this reminds me of having coffee in cool weather....and this worked the best...but remember it will bring your previous tone back if you use it regularly twice a week and you're tanned all over then this gonna get back your complexion back.
  28. First its fregnece is soo good...it's very effective even after first use....such a good glow I got of my skin after using this product...
  29. I have dry skin and this product moisturizes and makes it soft. However, it also helps me with my skin pigmentation, dark spots on my hands, and acne scars.
  30. This is the first body scrub that I bought. I am very pleased by the product. First of all the amazing coffee fragrance is so refreshing that I find it hard to restrain myself from eating it up 😆 So about the scrub, it is quite small grainy part so best for scrubing off the dead cells. It is best to use twice a week for desired result. I took a spoonful at a time on my palm then added few drops of water, rubbed it between my palms and applied it gently in circular motion.
  31. This is Something that actually works
  32. This product is amazing.. the scrub is really effective and it gets applied very easily on wet skin.
  33. Packaging is too good and smell is awesome, overall good products
  34. Nice 👍🏽
  35. Love this product and smell. WOrth of money I surly recommend this.
  36. Coffee is my favourite so I immediately ordered this after knowing the ingredient as its good for skin too
  37. Awesome... In love with it... It uplifts my mood too... Give it a try!!
  38. I have thick male skin but this real Coffee Beans has gently scrub off my dead skin.
  39. 😆 I am very pleased by the product. coffee fragrance is so refreshing that I find it hard to restrain myself from eating it up
  40. Just like coffee ❤️
  41. This is an amazing scrub this doesn’t let my face to be dry. I feel the smoothness in my skin after using it. It removes are the dirt tan.
  42. Worth for money.... The body scrub smells like real coffee.
  43. Far better than the products i have erlier used from top brands.
  44. In love with this scrub . it just helped my skin to glow back
  45. It really helped me in my acne... It just gave me new skin.
  46. It really smells like the coffee... Texture of the product is up to the mark.
  47. OMG... i just used before function and it helped me to remove my dead skin just in few mins... can't stop myself to review it after using this best scrub ever.
  48. It has polished my skin a lot. New skinn new me.
  49. I never found the product like this with great result. I love the product a lot along with smell.
  50. This is an absolute delight for coffeeee lovers
  51. This coffee scrub is a good product to scrub away dead skin cells from the body. I love the nice subtle aroma of this product.
  52. Makes your skin super soft and exfoliates deeply.

Lely’s Hydrating Creamy Facewash

4.68 out of 5


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Lely’s Hydrating Facewash Creamy Facewash with Ultra hydration

  • Get the effect of moisturizers in a face wash
  • This luxurious cream formula is ideal for dry and sensitive skin.
  • In addition to nourishing the skin, natural butter builds up the cells that produce natural oils.
  • Balance the skin by preventing the excess damage caused by anti-acne agents.
  • Hydrates the skin by removing impurities and dirt making skin moisturized, fresh and soft.
  • Enriched with oils and vitamins to keep skin hydrated and cool during day and night.
  • Best face wash during humid conditions.
  • Ideal for people having who can’t use moisturizers. Can be used by males and females.
  1. You could feel the change even from the first use👍🏻
  2. I just love this product. It keeps my skin hydrated and it improves my skin day after day.
  3. Cute packaging and smells really nice ....does not make your skin dry after a wash. Very nice for people like me who as a dry skin
  4. This is best for dry skin people, it keeps skin hydrated after wash however I have super dry skin I need a light moisturizer after using face wash. This is my second tube I love it, About texture-thick and fragrance-it has a slight fragrance which is not too strong, it gives fresh feeling and face is cleaned after one use itself.
  5. This was totally worth the price , quality is good the product is to good it gives a little bit lather because of creamy texture also if you are looking good face wash not to dry your skin but at the same time feel to clean your skin go for it and dry skin Guys give it one chance to this you will love this
  6. It's does a great job on dry skin
  7. Nice and best face wash ..cleanse well...good for dry skin and in winter
  8. I love this facewash very nice fragrance it's also good for sensitive skin. keep your skin soft and glowing. value for money
  9. I really liked this product bcoz of its quality The facewash was so good that after using it for 6 days I can see the difference in my skin. It actually helps you in softening your skin. It really proves that this brand is different from other beauty products. Thanks Lely's for providing me with this facewash and for the correct delivery at the right time! Thanks a million!
  10. I have an oily skin and i had tried lot of face wash bt nothing had suited my skin .... i mean they would be suitable and show visible results about a weak or a month and later on there wont be any use in it .... and at that time i stumble upon this Lely's face wash and i had been skeptical at first but still thought to give it a try ... and i think i made the right choice ... it has been 3 months since i have started using it and it has produced an amazing reslt.. my face has a natural glow and i am not that dull looking like in the past... my face is always moisturized even if i didnt applied any moisturizer ... i am so happy with the reslts ... i would be a regular customer from now onwards... the quantity and the quality everything is upto the mark and it worth the price ... 😍😍😍....
  11. Smells very fresh and is best for dry skin.....
  12. The finest face wash I have ever used. It's worth the money
  13. This product very useful for dry skin I am satisfied
  14. This face wash smells good from Lely's. It lathers sufficiently and cleans well. It did not cause any reaction to my skin. It suits my dry skin very well.
  15. Very good quality product. It is good for all types of skin. Keeps the skin soft and glowing. Nourishes the skin. Value for money. Must buy for dry skin types. Hydrates the skin.
  16. I'm usually very skeptical about the skincare products I use on my face. But as I heard alot of good things about this brand , I thought of giving it a try and I must say I'm quite impressed with the results. It helps to keep my skin super hydrated in winters and after washing it gives an instant glow to my skin. It kind of moisturises my skin well. Loved it
  17. Excellent product. Thank you Lely's..!
  18. This is an excellent product. My skin is extremely dry. During winter it becomes flaky. But washing my face using this face wash twice a day I felt my skin hydrated. This really restores moisture. This contains shea butter and kokum which is very good for dry skin.
  19. Product is very nice, it have a very nice finish and skin feels really good after wash.
  20. Much better than another brand's costly face washes
  21. Buy for my daughter: It has a decent smell. It is soft on skin.
  22. Damnnn good😍
  23. I like the smell and it’s great for dry skin
  24. It really sothes my skin and is extremely moisturizing for my dry skin .. First face wash after which my skin dont feel dry .. I really loved it😍😍😍😍
  25. I really loved this face wash ...
  26. Just loving this, using it from a week and can already feel the difference. I have very dry skin and works good for me, tried everything else but nothing like this.
  27. It was a good experience. Love this product. using the this product from a week . it hydrets the skin making soft.
  28. Love this product since it doesn't leave the face dry after use. The face wash never irritates my dry sensitive skin, and this makes it my go-to product.
  29. This facewash is amazing, i feel so refreshed, it make my skin very soft, best part its hydrating.
  30. Blessing to dry skin people
  31. Purifies skin. Gentle to use and Rejuvenates dull skin

Lely’s Skin Care Moisturizer Cream

4.64 out of 5


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Lely’s Replenish Skin Care Moisturising Cream

Moisturizer Cream with Lecithin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Silicon Oil will help to hydrate the skin and restore its natural barrier, thereby improving the appearance and feel of even very dry skin.

  • You can use it over any part of your body that needs extra hydration, such as elbows, heels, cuticles, and any other dry areas.
  • Helps to make skin pure, soft, and smooth.
  • It’s a moisturizing cream for the whole family.
  • Skin compatibility tested and approved by dermatologists.
  • Skin feels Healthy even on dry winter days.
  1. Awesome product 👍, after using this product you didn't feel like any product u use on your skin, but a soft skin you have on definitely. I think this is best cream for better skin care routine. It's preferred to Oily to combination skin and sweaty skin types. I love this product. Again and again I really want this product in my daily skin care routine.
  2. Bought it in New year sale. Using this product for the first time. Very light cream Scented. Easy on the skin. Doesn't give sticky feeling. Very nice product I must say.
  3. Blessed with super oily skin. Tried many oil free moisturizer and gels but all the make my skin oliy and sticky. This time tried Lely's moisturizer and its works wonderfully on my skin. Doesn't make skin oily and sticky. Best moisturizer for day time.
  4. Very affordable! At this price you can not expect more. It protects from dryness and nourishes the skin well.
  5. Amazing scent.. warmth and thickness it's a great moisturizer..for dry skin.. at a very reasonable price I personally really loved it,❤️
  6. Healthy product for smooth skin
  7. Good moisturizer.. scent is good infused with vitamin E and Aloe vera extract
  8. AFFORDABLY PRICED. This cream is really helpful during winters. specially for your cracked feet
  9. this is too good cream for body massage because first of all its non sticky then very nice smell then price of this very low for this quantity...so go for this if you are looking for good cream...
  10. Excellent moisturizer. Non sticky Good fragrance. Value for money
  11. Ultimate favourite cream. Note:- I've oily combination-dry skin. 😊 & I love it..
  12. i luv the fact that it moisturised the skin well and that it is almost mild scent..tried switching to different products but always go back to Lely's..but those who have oily skin can also use this because it does not fill sticky
  13. I m loving it! Not oily. Thick and smells wonderful. Gives soft finish look.
  14. Love the scent: mild and pleasant. Does the job of moisturizing the skin very well. Not greasy at all. I can't think of any other product to use on my skin. I have this constant urge to moisturize my skin every 6 hours and this is the best product that I found after researching intensively.
  15. This is the best cream for Dry skin.My skin was hell dry and it’s becoming dark due to that.But after using for a week my skin totally changed.I have ordered 3 cream back to back .It’s non greasy and smell is very nice.But it’s depend on individual skin type .But it work for me .I’m not a person who want to experiment with lots of beauty products.So I love to use Lely's cream...
  16. So this cream is currently my favourite its light, moistures well and smells amazing.
  17. I have been using this cream for over 6 months now, it's a great product and not sticky at all. Over the last few years, I have tried number of other creams but I have always gone back to Lely's for the value it offers.
  18. This is the only skin cream that moisturizes my skin without producing any patches post application especially when exposed to sun or water. It so evenly spreads on skin and keeps away dryness. Skin feels soft till evening. This is best for dry skin.
  19. I am in love with this moisturizer . I have never used any other cream to moisturize my body since I have started using this cream . A very little amount goes long way and it gives a soft finish to the body which is very important for people with dry skin like mine.
  20. So I was looking for a regular moisturizing cream. Not an anti aging one, not a fairness one... Not an anything extraordinary one. Just a simple nourishing moisturizing cream. This is exactly that. It's not overly oily, and absorbs easily into the skin. smells so good
  21. When the boss loves it....you better give it a full 100! Yeah, it's used by my boss (wifey), and she says that it's one of the best that she has used. Repeat purchase for sure from our home. Thanks Lely's for wonderful cream
  22. Worth it
  23. Saviour for my dry skin
  24. Good one for deadly dry skin.
  25. The cream has the goodness of Vitamin E, Aloe vera and glycerine to provide good moisturisation to the skin. It doesn't feel greasy too and gets absorbed fast.
  26. Gives deep moisturisation, really liked this one
  27. Perfect cream with beauty smell
  28. Highly moisturising and gentle to the skin. Quickly absorbs into skin and is non sticky
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