How to prevent your Hair from wind damage?

How to protect your Hair from wind damage

While we all are bundling up in our self in sweaters, swales, and switching our skincare for moisturizing products for our face, but we sometimes neglect another part of the body that is our hair. 

During winter not only cold, but the wind is miserable to deal with. In winter hair strands can feel brittle, dry, and static. Cold weather can dry out the scalp and hair and reason why our hair can cause tangles and damage. That is why it is important to windproof our hair as much as possible.

Thankfully there are ways to protect our hair from the winter wind. You can follow the below tips to get back your healthy luscious hair.

1. Hairstyles for windy days

  • We all know how difficult it is to manage dry frizzy hair during cold windy days. Wearing loose hair on windy days will tangle our hair and cause our hair to break quickly.
  • So an easy way to wear your hair in a low bun or braid, and for short hair, you can style it with a silk scarf.
  • From time to time our hair also needs tender loving care so treat your hair once a week with a deep condition to lock the moisture that has been lost in the dry winter air.
  • Deep conditioning will not only softens hair strands but will make them stronger and shinier.

2. Wash your hair less frequently

  • When the weather turns cold and windier, it dries out your scalp. Some of us tend to wash our hair daily because of sweat and dust accumulated daily.
  • Daily washing your hair can strip away natural oils from the hair by drying it out more.
  • Consider washing your hair once or twice a week to help to retain the moisture and natural Hair oil.
  • Try Lely’s Haircare serum to give life to your dry frizzy hair.

3. Get Regular Trims

  • Your hair becomes brittle and prone to split ends during harsh winter.
  • It is good life advice to trim your hair regularly no matter what time of the year it is.
  • Trimming your hair regularly will keep your strands healthy and reduce the chance of split ends.
  • Take good care of your hair not only in winter but also year-round. Once a week you can try putting Hair oil 2 to 3 hours before washing.
  • As a result, you will nourish your hair roots and protect your scalp from damaging winter cold air.

4. You shouldn’t leave the house with wet hair

  • When your hair is wet do not go out when it is cold and windy outside. Dry winter weather damages hair cuticles, making wet hair more vulnerable to damage.
  • Even if you are in hurry to go out with wet hair tie a scarf over it to protect it from the damage and do not forget the mixture of Wet hair and cold air will make you sick.

5. Use warm water

  • A hot bath is always tempting during cold winter days.
  • Hot water impacts your hair the same way it does to your skin.
  • Not only does hot water remove natural oils from the skin it also removes them from the scalp.
  • The oil we produce in our skin’s sebaceous glands next to hair follicles is removed by washing our hair.
  • We need sebum to protect our hair from extreme static and dryness, but only if it won’t wash away constantly!

6. Use a Wide-Tooth Comb to Detangle

  • Sometimes we have been caught by surprise by the wind when we go out and end up with tangled hair.
  • When this happens use a conditioner while washing your hair and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle carefully.
  • When hair gets damaged from the wind do not use a regular comb or brush to detangle them you have to deal with hair breakage.

7. Use a Hair Oil

  • During the winter months, show your hair some love by massaging it with good hair oil.
  • As a result, your damaged hair will be repaired, smoothed, and ready to handle cold winds.
  • Keep your hair healthy and hydrated by using Hair serum regularly.

8. Humidify your house

  • Humidifiers have come a long way from generation.
  • Using a humidifier during winter is the simplest way to prevent static and lack of moisture in the air due to the heating system.
  • It restores lost moisture from the scalp and skin in the balance.

Dealing with dry and static hair is painful during winter. You can protect your hair by wearing a cap or hat or try a silk scarf to protect you from winter winds and unnecessary static. With these tips, you can avoid hair static and manage it all winter season.


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