Face Moisturizer For All Seasons

How to choose Face Moisturizer for all seasons

It is very important to take care of your skin and moisturize it at least twice a day, and more if needed. Moisturizing is actually one of the most important things you can do for your skin, and it’s also easy to do. Moisturizing helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines, keeps skin soft and smooth, and helps skin regenerate better at night when applied with an SPF during the day. Choosing the best moisturizer for your face can be a challenge because there is such a wide variety of products on the market.

Benefits of Moisturizing

Moisturizing plays a vital role in the health of the skin. It is important to protect and moisturize your skin to maintain its elasticity and flexibility. Most people skip using moisturizer thinking that it is just an additional thing and will not do any benefit to their skin. But it’s not like that! The fact is, looking good and attaining your natural beauty back should be one of your priorities not only for women but for men as well.

Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin problems, reduces the appearance of other blemishes and dark spots, fights wrinkles and fine lines. Moisturizing skin can make you look 10 years younger as well as remove brown spots and other blemishes effectively.

Although choosing the best moisturizing cream for the face is a big deal. When you live in India, you need moisturizer for all four possible seasons – summer, monsoon, winter and spring. So the question arises, ‘Which moisturizer is good for face?’ In this blog post, we will ensure to guide you in every possible way on how to buy the best face moisturizer for all seasons.

Best Face Moisturizer For Summer

Skin problems due to direct sun exposure in summers are quite common. Low humidity in the air, scorching heat of the sun, harsh pollution and extremely dry air are a few of the factors that lead to dehydration of the skin, dark patches on the face etc. This is not just applicable for Indian skin but is a proven fact all over the world.

There are many skin care products available for different types of skin – dry skin, oily skin, blemished skin, sensitive skin or even for ageing skin. However, there are some tips that can work on any type of skin over the summer. Here are some tips to keep your face glowing and shining this summer.


Don’t just hydrate yourself but your skin too with Lely’s water-based face moisturizers to get you summer-ready. Lely’s moisturizers are one of the leading hydration products when it comes to face moisturizers in India. There is a complete range of daily face moisturizers available which suits different kinds of skin types and might help you to prepare yourself for the summer season. 

Best Moisturiser For Your Skin Care In Monsoon

So how do you get soft, hydrated skin during monsoon? You don’t have a clue about what to use on your face. You start reading ingredient labels of every face moisturizer that you lay your eyes on in the market, with no hope whatsoever that you’ll find something that suits your skin. What is the perfect moisturizer then? Body lotions and light moisturizers are a no-no. In the monsoon season, you need a light face moisturizer that not only keeps your skin soft (like a baby) but also prevents it from getting oily.

There are several skin problems that you face in the monsoon season. It is important to choose a moisturizer that is a hydrating, oil-free formula with SPF. If you have an acne problem then it is good to choose a paraben free face moisturizer with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Best moisturizers will give a long-lasting effect and look very natural on your skin. It is important to change your moisturizers according to weather conditions so that you can get a natural glow for your face that makes you look fresh and bright.

Best Face Moisturiser For Winter

If you have dry skin you know what a misery it can be. If your skin is irritated or starts to crack and peel due to lack of moisture, it makes the problem much worse. When the weather is cold, it’s harder for your skin to retain its natural moisture. As the temperature drops, skin tends to become very dry, cracked and irritated. 

Products that worked wonders for your skin in summer or other seasons, will now cause further harm than good. It is best to switch to a new moisturizing cream for face in winter that is non-greasy and spreads easily and doesn’t wear off after a couple of hours. 

Moisturizing cream for dry face is good for you if your facial skin is really dry during the winter. The dryness could be caused by the cold wind blowing outside or an indoor heater that brings dry air inside. Using coal or fire to warm up the room can also contribute to drying up the face. Using moisturizing cream for a dry face has its benefits because you know it will hydrate your skin, making it softer and smoother to touch.

Best Moisturiser For Your Skin In Spring

With the arrival of spring, many of us are looking to tie up many ends before winter comes for good. If you are looking for a face moisturizer that will give your skin a spring awakening, then you need a Vitamin C face moisturizer. Ditch the winter pasty look and give your skin a fresh new look. Vitamin C is essential to maintain fresh, radiant, younger-looking skin. 

How To Apply Moisturizer on the Face?

Deciding which moisturizer is right for you can be confusing. There are so many to choose from that have different formulas, ingredients, and benefits. Once you have summoned the courage to step into that department store beauty aisle, you could be overwhelmed even more. You might still find yourself asking, “How do I apply moisturizer on the face?” Here are some great tips that will give your face the moisture it needs while creating your own personalized skin care regimen.

Washing your face is as essential as brushing your teeth and as such, moisturizing the skin is as important as it gets. Yet, let’s admit it; some of us don’t moisturize on a daily basis or some of us might need more moisturizers. 

Moisturizers only work when your skin is clean and free from impurities. If you apply moisturizer before cleaning your face it will provide a good surface for bacteria to clog pores. This will leave you with acne, pimples or rashes on your face. For sensitive skins, it is safe for you to use a serum instead of any product because natural collagen in the serum will lock the moisture and as a result keep the skin supple and soft.

Moisturizing your face is one of the most important things to take care of your skin. The skin’s moisture helps you to feel fresh, soft and young. Moisturizing gives a smooth texture to the skin, provides a healthy glow and prevents the ageing process. Now you know what the basics are. Let’s get started with how to apply moisturizers to the face. 

To apply moisturizer on your face, start by warming it up under the palms of your hands before applying. Apply ¾ pump of moisturizer onto your palm and apply to the face and neck. Start by moving slowly and gently across the forehead and then use the entire palm of your hand to rub back and forth slowly on your cheeks and chin, rubbing off any excess. The application should be very light, gentle, fluid flowing motions all over the face and neck.

Always use upward strokes while applying your moisturizers. Rub and lift the skin around the face, around the eye contour, across the forehead as the nose as well. Use sweeping motions to enhance the lymphatic drainage across the face. Always working directly up and out and sweeping upper motions will help any puffiness any fluid retention that may be retained in the face.


Face moisturizers for women are a must. Their skin should be moisturized regularly, not only because it helps to keep you looking younger but it also helps prevent certain skin conditions such as flaking, chapping and itching. Savvy women not only look for face products that will enhance their appearance and make them more attractive (and younger-looking), they also want the products they use on their face to actually be good for their skin too.

If you are looking for a moisturizer for face, face moisturizer for dark spots, or moisturizing cream for men’s face in India, then Lely is the place for you. Lely’s has been a popular brand in India for a while now and people swear by their skin and hair care products. Lely’s Moisturizers are known for their exciting range of face moisturizers for oily skin, soothing face cream for acne, anti-ageing night cream for men etc. Our skin care products are made from the processes of extraction to manufacture without any damaging elements. They are natural skin care products that prioritise on nourishment of your skin which helps in making your skin glow.

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