Achieve Acne-Free Skin in Just 7 Days: The Ultimate Proven Guide

From Breakouts to Beauty in just two weeks

The Ultimate Guide to Acne-Free Skin: Lely’s Acne Range

Acne is a very common skin problem affecting millions of people worldwide. It is caused by excess oil, dirt, impurities, and other pollutants that stay on the top of the skin and form clogged pores. There are several ways one can mitigate acne issues, including following a proper skincare routine, lifestyle adjustments, and medical treatments. 

This article covers what type of skincare routine you can follow to solve the issues of acne breakouts and gives you clear, acne-free skin within just a few days.

Factors Contributing to Acne:

There are various factors that contribute to acne. However, understanding these factors helps to treat acne effectively. 

Hormonal imbalances:

During key stages of life, like puberty, pregnancy, or certain medications, can increase sebum production, which leads to the formation of new pimples. 

Carbohydrate-rich & dairy products:

Like chips & bread also cause acne breakouts. 

Fear, stress, and anxiety:

Don’t directly cause acne, but it can worsen acne if you already have acne issues. 


Is another reason people get acne. If their parents have pimples, they are more likely to develop the condition. 

Comedogenic skincare products:

Cause clogged skin pores and can worsen acne. Therefore, it is highly advised to wear non-comedogenic skincare products. 

Together, these factors contribute to acne issues. However, with the latest technological advances in dermatology, we have developed various solutions that tackle acne effectively. 

Acne Solutions with Lely’s 

Lely’s is committed to offering a wide range of skincare and haircare solutions to meet the needs of diverse customers. Through meticulous research & analysis, Lely’s continuously identifies trends and consumer preferences. From gentle cleansers to moisturisers, each product from Lely’s is carefully crafted to provide effective solutions and high-value to the customers. 

Let’s look at the products Lely’s offer for acne solutions.

Lely’s Acne Squash Wash 

When you have acne-prone skin, Lely’s Acne Squash Wash comes as a first line of defence. Its powerful formula cleanses excess oil, dirt and impurities from the skin. Cleansing your skin with Lely’s Acne Squash Wash will prevent clogging of pores on the skin, which could otherwise lead to pimples. 

Acne squash was is crafted from Salicylic & glycolic acid, silver nanoparticles, and tea tree oil, which effectively exfoliates the skin, reduces redness and inflammation, and penetrates deep into the skin to heal and prevent pimples. Its gentle formula ensures your skin does not overdry and gives your skin clear look. Lely’s Acne Squash Wash is best for acne-prone and oily skin types.

You would be at the rest when you know it is dermatologically tested and environment-friendly. 

Lely’s Acne Wipe Out

When you are on the go and worried about your skincare routine, be rest assured. Lely’s Acne Wipe Out will do its best for acne. These acne wipes are crafted from salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and aloe vera, which fight acne-causing bacteria, heal current pimples, reduce redness and inflammation, and prevent new pimples. 

These wipes have four-in-one uses, including makeup remover, cleanser, skin lightener, and oil and acne controller. Its hassle-free application would make you fall in love with these wipes, as all you have to do is, take a wipe from the container and wipe it across your face gently. 

After using Lely’s Acne Wipe Out, you will notice that even after washing your face with face wash, some amount of dirt and makeup still remains on the surface of the skin, which could clog skin pores and result in blackheads and new breakouts. So these wipes work wonderfully to remove all the impurities from the skin and prevent future breakouts.

The best thing about these wipes is even if you dont have access to water or facewash, you can use these wipes to clean your skin effectively, they will give you a fresh feel. 

Lely’s Acne Sensor Gel

Every product at Lely’s is crafted considering different people’s unique requirements. Some might prefer to use skincare solutions when they are at rest, and they want pimples, redness or inflammation to disappear when they are awake.

Lely’s have come up with a solution that works wonders at night. Lely’s Acne Sensor Gel can be applied 30 minutes before going to bed. It provides the best care to reduce acne, prevent future breakouts, and heal current pimples. 

Its powerful and fast-absorbing gel formula easily penetrates deep into the skin without leaving a sticky residue. 

This Acne gel controls the oil production on the skin, which is a major cause of getting new breakouts. It works effectively by drying out current pimples and lightning post-inflammatory pigmented marks. Additionally, Lely’s Ance Sensor Gel is dermatologically tested and gentle on skin. 

Lely’s Hydra Facial Moisturiser

If you have an acne-prone skin type, it is best to use products that are non-comedogenic. When you apply various solutions to tackle your acne issues, your skin is more likely to dry out. So, you need a solution that neither dries out your skin nor makes it too moist. 

Lely’s Hydra Facial Moisturiser is the best non-comedogenic moisturizer that smooths and hydrates your skin instantly. It is best for dull and tired skin and works best as anti-ageing product. Along with this, it gives the best protection against environmental damage, reduces age spots, and helps in the skin renewal process


At Lely’s, we continuously invest in research and analysis to provide the best value to our customers. Our products are carefully crafted to meet their requirements. So, if you are new to Lely’s, we warmly welcome you to try these products and join the community of thousands of satisfied customers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or +91 99835 99853 if you have any concerns.

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