Build Your Own Skincare Routine and Your Skin will THANK YOU!

How much time do you dedicate towards self-care in a day? Do you have a set skin care routine or is it just once in a while? While we all follow our mundane daily routines religiously, we take a step back when it comes to taking care of ourselves, but it should not be. Your skin deserves better. It is important to spare time to cleanse, tone, moisturize and help your skin be healthy and glowy.  Our skin is the...

Worried over post-Covid hair loss?

People who have recovered from COVID-19 have experienced massive hair loss. Experts say this has emerged as one of the most frequently reported syndromes in patients recovering from Covid-19. Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are observing an increased level of hair loss. Unless you abnormally lose your hair, hair loss is not usually anything to be concerned about. For some COVID-19 patients, hair loss was mild, whereas for others it was severe. COVID-19 causes two types of hair loss: Telogen...

20 Skincare Tips You Will Ever Need to Know and Follow

Everybody wants spotless skin. And while many of us aspire to have one, ultimately, our vanity takes over, and we end up doing more harm than good by following random tips and just buying beauty products that promise to do wonders.   The secret to achieving flawless skin is not an ingredient; rather it is purely consistency and belief. Being consistent is the most significant gift you can give yourself. So get on to reading these skincare tips which will guarantee...

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