Beard Grooming Tips: How to Maintain an Awesome-Looking Beard!

Beard Grooming Tips How to Maintain an Awesome-Looking Beard

There are a lot of reasons why you need to do these beard grooming tips. The best reason I can give you is hygiene, the last thing you want is an ungroomed, unkempt, itchy and smelly beard that’s all over the place. This will turn off any woman – a good enough reason why you should groom the beard regularly. Having a beard is a symbol as masculinity and not everyone is genetically blessed to grow one but if you are beard grooming is essential if you want to look great and stand out.

A lot of celebrities who have once sported the clean look now have full beards. Amitabh Bachchan, Leonardo Dicaprio, Pierce Brosnan, and Fawad Khan are just a few of them. Growing a full beard can be challenging but grooming it also brings in another set of challenges but the results are all worth an extra 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Without further ado here are 8 tips on how to groom your beard and stand out among the heard of men.

Tip 1

Keep it Clean and Moisturized

Keeping the beard clean prevents itchiness and keeps it soft. This is an essential step especially when you’re in the process of growing one. If you don’t wash and condition it, chances are it will get dry and wiry – this leads to the feeling of itchiness which leads to men giving up and shaving it all off.

Some experts suggest using a beard wash and conditioner but a good shampoo and conditioner should do the trick but if you still feel that your beard is a bit wiry try using a beard balm to add a little bit more moisture. After washing, dry using a clean towel. If possible use a clean towel as an old towel can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Avoid blow drying it like heat from a dryer can dry out facial hair making it frizzy and wirey.  Lastly, comb the beard with a wide tooth comb – this will remove any tangles and set things in order.

Tip 2

Have a Style in Mind

Let’s be honest not everybody can grow a full beard. Facial hair will vary depending on the shape of your face and genetics – whether you’re naturally hairy or not. Remember that in essence growing a beard is a fashion statement. The last thing you want is a beard style that will not fit the shape of your face. Here’s what we have to say about beard styles.

For rounded faces with double chins, try growing a beard with “strong lines and borders” this does a good job in “hiding the curves”.

Angular faces do well with long beards because it “adds girth”. For men with long faces, grow a full beard with thicker sides and trim up the areas around the mouth and chin.

Tip 3

Have a Workable Routine

Having a well-groomed beard takes time and effort, the time in which some men do not have. So before growing a beard, make sure to commit yourself to a certain time frame each day or weekend for proper beard maintenance. Try it out for a few weeks and see how it fits into your busy schedule, if it works then good for you but if not consider a different beard style that won’t take as much time and effort to take care of.

Tip 4

Invest in the Proper Beard Trimming Tools

Going to a professional can be costly over time so it makes sense to invest in these basic tools to keep your beard looking sharp. The most basic of these tools is a beard trimmer if you can purchase a cordless that would be a better investment so you don’t have to deal with any wires. Beard trimmers work best if you have a busy schedule and if you don’t have a thick beard – great for maintaining that faded look.

If you prefer to go the manual route have a look at professional scissors and a comb to trim and sculpt. Remember that going in this direction takes a lot more time, so weigh your options carefully.

Scissors are more suitable for men with long beards who look for more precision when trimming though some beard trimmers with longer length settings can do the job as well.

Tip 5

Learn How to Use a Beard Trimmer

A beard trimmer is a great tool for sculpting your beard but you have to use it properly to maximize it. Before running the trimmer make sure to comb the beard in a downward motion.  When trimming go in an upward motion then out when you reach the sideburn area. After trimming make sure to comb down again to keep it neat.

Tip 6

Avoid Trimming a Wet Beard

A wet beard is typically longer and if you try to trim it wet, you may end up cutting more off than you would like. Before trimming make sure the beard is dry so you’ll be accurate in terms of how much facial hair you need to cut off.

Tip 7

Know the Proper Beard Line

A proper beard line can be the difference between looking fatter or looking sharper. Cut it too close to the neck and the slightest weight gain is amplified and makes you look like you have a double chin.

Tip 8

Healthy Diet = Healthy Skin = Great Looking Beard

Nutrition plays an important role in how fast your beard grows and how great it looks. Experts say that a healthy skin will translate to healthy hair so a diet rich in Omega-3 and vitamins (particularly vitamin A) is a great step in the right direction. Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol as this causes dehydration.

Tip 9

Comb It Well

For guys with a full beard, comb that beautiful piece of facial hair before you go out. You will need a wide tooth comb, a narrow tooth comb and finally – a beard brush. Remove any tangles and make sure you don’t look like you just got out of bed. Do this after showering or washing your beard that way it still has some moisture and you can style it better.

Tip 10

Don’t Forget the Beard Oil

One of the biggest complaints of men growing a full-on beard is that it’s itchy as heck. That’s because your beard is sucking all the nutrients from your face making it very dry and flaky. A consequence of this dryness is a “beardruff” – yes you though right, it’s dandruff on your beard. Beard oil does two things, first, it hydrates, providing your beard the nutrients it desperately needs. Second, it helps keep the beard in order. A comb and beard oil is the secret to any tidy looking beard. This guy said it takes him 15 minutes to style his.

Wrapping it up

Grooming a beard does take time but when you see the results it is well worth it. These are just some general guidelines for beard-grooming to help get you started. As with everything in life, there will be nuances depending on how long your beard is and other factors like if you have dry facial hair that will influence that product you will choose. If you think we missed a tip, please do tell us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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