20 Skincare Tips You Will Ever Need to Know and Follow

20 Skincare Tips You Will Ever Need to Know and Follow

Everybody wants spotless skin. And while many of us aspire to have one, ultimately, our vanity takes over, and we end up doing more harm than good by following random tips and just buying beauty products that promise to do wonders.


The secret to achieving flawless skin is not an ingredient; rather it is purely consistency and belief. Being consistent is the most significant gift you can give yourself. So get on to reading these skincare tips which will guarantee you healthy skin.


Let us first break down the best skin care routine and rather a basic one to achieve your skin care goals:

1.Cleanser: Whether you follow oily skincare or a dry skincare routine, a cleanser ranks right on top. Especially while removing makeup. Micellar water or an oil-based cleanser can help break down the makeup, dirt and grime. These skincare products get into your pores and pluck out the nastiest substances clogged in them.

2.Facewash: Double cleansing is a MUST in the beauty skincare world, and that is what Koreans have been following for centuries. You can’t just wash off a layer of oil or micellar water from your face with plain water. A facewash is an essential step to prevent these products from clogging your pores further. A skin care soap instead of a face wash can be a more sustainable option and nourishing.

3.Serum: Depending on your skin type and concern, pick a serum for your needs. Anti-ageing skin care and acne-prone skin care routine should include serums that heal. Retinol works best for ageing, and salicylic acid targets acne and blackheads. Do your research, understand your issue and then make an informed decision. 

4.Moisturiser : A product that will conceal  all the layers underneath is a good moisturiser. But you may be wondering, skincare for pimples should include a moisturiser? Yes, absolutely! Moisturisers are for everyone, gel-based ones are for oily skin, and cream-based ones are for dry skin. Lucky for you, Lely’s has something for both. A moisturising cream as well as an oil-free gel.

5.Sunscreen: Sunscreen isn’t just a part of summer skincare. Apply it every single DAY! Even when you aren’t stepping out, the skin is always exposed to harmful UV radiation. A protective sunscreen will shield you from the sun and slow down the ageing process. An SPF of 30 and above is the recommended range by derma skincare specialists.

6.Lip balm

Our lips have the thinnest layer of skin compared to the rest of our body. Thus, using a lip balm with the much-needed sun protection factor is imperative. A moisturising balm will nourish your lips, keep them soft and supple throughout the day. 

As for night skincare, you can follow the same steps as above, except sunscreen, of course. Then, follow up with a thicker moisturiser or a night cream to speed up the healing process. Set this skincare routine and try to stick to it. You will start noticing a difference within a week.

Besides having a skincare routine, you need to keep some additional tips to attain smooth skin. 


Exfoliating helps you get rid of the dead skin, which accumulates on the skin barrier. It would be best if you exfoliate at least once a week. Over exfoliating can compromise the top layer, so make sure it’s only once a week. Sensitive skincare routines should include exfoliation once in 10 days. 

  • The perfect exfoliant

Before you include the perfect exfoliant, you need to understand the different types.

  • Physical exfoliant:

Physical exfoliants are cream-based with scrubbing beads in them. Please avoid these scrubs at all costs. The beads are very inconsistent in shape and can cause micro-tears in your skin. These tears create an open entry for dirt to settle in. 

  • Chemical exfoliant:

On the other hand, chemical exfoliants are peels that are made from AHA’s and BHA’s. They don’t only work on a surface level, but they also try to cure your problems from the root.  However, following up with sunscreen is a must since they make your skin barrier even more sensitive to the sun, post-application. 


If you still wish to use physical exfoliants, kindly do your research and purchase scrubs with really tiny beads that are spherical in shape to scrub off the dead skin very gently. For example, Lely’s coffee scrub is really gentle on the skin and effortlessly gets rid of dead skin. 

8.Facial oil

A facial oil adds an extra glow to your skin. This can be the last step of your skincare routine before bedtime. Several oils contain organic skincare elements and work on healing the skin and adding the much-needed nourishment while the body is at rest. 

9.Skin care tools

A Guasha or a jade/quartz roller are essential tools that will take your skincare up by a notch. Pairing either one of these tools with a facial oil will help the oil get absorbed quicker with added benefits of diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. Your cheeks and jaw will end up looking more defined and structured. Tools also help in easing out lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow for healthier look skin.

10.Spot treatment

Sometimes certain acne spots are rigid and need your focused attention and a concentrated treatment. Acne-prone skin could benefit from some spot treatment using Lely’s Acne Gel to target the problematic spots. 

11.Switch up routines as per the weather

Winter skincare needs more hydrating products than your summer skincare. Look for skincare creams that are more hydrating for the winter months, such as Lely’s moisturising cream. Dial down on moisturisation during summer and opt for gel-based products instead. Keep it light!

12.Microfiber towel

Say goodbye to your regular towels, especially when you’re following an acne skin care routine. When you use a towel instead of patting dry, you tend to tug and pull against the skin, causing micro-tears and scars. A microfiber towel is super absorbent and feels like nothing on the skin.


This is a step ahead of the usual skincare steps. A custom skincare routine is inclusive of frequently changing your pillowcases and using a satin case instead. Satin pillow covers are gentle on the skin and reduce friction.

14.Avoid home remedies

Natural skincare has plenty of benefits that have worked for our ancestors. However, sometimes these DIY remedies get out of hand and can severely damage the barrier. For instance, using lemon as a remedy for hyperpigmentation has had severe repercussions and has disrupted the skin’s pH level, causing imbalances. 

15.Lifestyle changes

Body hormones and the daily lifestyle affect our skin as much as the external environment does. Therefore, using face skincare products are as important as what we eat and drink. Some of the most significant changes that should be made are:

16.Drinking more water: This fact has been repeated over and over again by several experts, and it is true. Studies have shown massive improvements in skin texture and glow after 1 week of increased water intake. Drink at least 2 litres every day.

17.Smoking and alcohol: Chain smoking and increased intake of alcohol have significantly shown an increase in the signs of ageing. The skin loses its elasticity and looks dull over time.

18.Sleep: Hustle culture has made us regard sleep as a pure waste of time, but it isn’t. Our body needs those peaceful 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to rejuvenate and repair damaged cells and tissue. Lack of sleep can cause acne, dark circles and overall, dull and dry skin.

19.Stress: Stress is an inevitable part of life and is uncontrollable in so many circumstances. However, try to keep your mind and soul as happy as you can. What is inside is what reflects on the outside. Some form of exercise and yoga can be beneficial in releasing those endorphins and keeping the skin looking alive.

20.Diet: Avoid oily and sugary food. These qcan create an imbalance in the body by generating excess heat, which results in acne

Always take a holistic approach to your skincare. Our bodily functions are in sync with each other; therefore, you must be giving it the nourishment it needs from inside and outside. 

Lely’s range of skincare for men and women has all the products you will ever need to resolve your skin issues. They are incredibly affordable and guarantee not to break the bank while providing you with the quality ingredients your skin needs. The extensive range will cater to different skin types and textures, whether it is a dry skin routine or an oily skincare routine. So explore the skincare section right now and reap the benefits of affordable yet fantastic skincare.

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