How to keep Hair Healthy and Hydrated during the Winter

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We’re all thinking about keeping our hair healthy and hydrated as winter approaches. How can you keep your hair from getting dry and brittle?

While there are many reasons, we should keep our hair healthy and hydrated during the winter, maintaining healthy hair is one of the best habits you can practice. This cannot be easy, especially for curly and frizzy hair. 

It’s time to get rid of dull and dry hair and prepare for the colder months.

Here are seven suggestions that might help you keep your hair healthy: 

  1. Prevent exposure

The best way to keep your hair healthy and hydrated during the winter is to avoid exposing it to direct sun and heat tools like ironing & straightening. To prevent this damage, be sure to use a heat protectant when styling your hair or heat tools. Try out Lely’s Hair Care Serum to protect your hair!

  1. Avoid hot water

Hot water damages hair, especially if you’re trying to preserve moisture levels in your locks. A few tips for avoiding this damaging type of heat include:

  • Avoid blow drying with an intense brush or one that has bristles that are too close together (this will cause friction between them).
  • Use cold distilled water on your hair instead of hot tap water. 
  1. Extend hair washing days

Most people wash their hair out of habit, and over-washing is a big no-no in the winter. Our scalps and strands get quite dehydrated due to the combination of the dry heat indoors and the chilly outside.

  1. Don’t go out with wet hair

When you’re going outside for any length of time during the winter months, consider wrapping up in a scarf or hat before leaving home—you’ll be less likely to catch a cold if you’re bundled up properly! 

  1. Trim your hair regularly 

A good way to keep your hair healthy and looking good is to trim it every four to eight weeks. To lessen the likelihood of developing dry, split ends, remove a half inch from the bottom.

  1. Invest in a humidifier

Investing in a humidifier can go a long way toward keeping hair moisturised, soft, and healthy over the winter. In order to reduce hair breakage and dryness, humidifiers operate to rehydrate the air and maintain an appropriate level of moisture.

  1. Eliminate static hair

Static electricity is one of the biggest causes of dry, frizzy hair during the winter months, so avoid brushing or combing your hair while wearing any type of clothing that has buttons or zippers, which can cause friction between these two materials, causing more static buildup on top of what you already have going on down there!


Finally, give your hair extra love and care during these months by taking extra care. You can also use some dry oil conditioner every night before bed. This will help seal moisture into your hair.

As stated earlier, the key is to use quality products that keep your hair in a soft, manageable condition. Stay consistent with them, and you can maintain soft hair all year round!