Natural Moisturizers Based on Skin Type

Natural Moisturizers Based on Skin Type

Everyone wants to have glowing and healthy-looking skin. One of the main components of having healthy skin is moisturizer. Moisturizer is the glue that holds your skin together in strong bonds. It is an essential part of any skincare routine because it plumps up the collagen, keeps the face firm, and evens out the complexion. Although, many people overlook the importance of this skincare product because they are not aware of what it can do for them.

You can use several different types of moisturizers, including chemicals induced, homemade moisturizing recipes, or natural. But that’s a separate topic for conversation altogether. For this article, we’ll reserve the discussion about natural moisturizers. Natural moisturizers are the way to go if you want to be using natural and non-toxic ingredients on your skin. All-natural moisturizers are excellent for all skin types. They are ideal for dry, oily, sensitive, combination, or acne-prone skin. There are countless benefits of natural moisturizers, including the following:

Skin feels softer – Your skin will feel softer, smoother, and more supple with the regular use of a natural face moisturizer. Over time, wrinkles and fine lines disappear as your skin plumps up.

Hydration – Natural moisturizers provide long-lasting hydration. Natural moisturizers that are compatible with your own body’s chemistry will help to retain moisture for long periods. This means that you can experience healthy-looking skin for longer durations of time throughout the year.

Oil Control – Natural skin moisturizers work by controlling the amount of oil that is produced by your sebaceous glands. Natural moisturizers can help prevent acne breakouts because they do not clog pores as chemical-based moisturizers do.

Great for sensitive skin – Many individuals suffer from allergies, sensitivities, or rashes brought on by synthetic ingredients found in most commercial lotions and creams on the market today. There is often irritation, burning sensations, and complications when applying lotion to sensitive skin. The use of natural moisturizers eliminates these issues by limiting the number of potential irritants.

Natural moisturizers prevent dryness and irritation – Commercial lotions and creams tend to dry out your skin by removing too much natural oil from the surface layers of your epidermis. Natural moisturizers contain essential oils that can give a soft, smooth feel to the skin, making it attractive to look at and touch.

How to Moisturize Skin Naturally? 

  • Use natural moisturizers instead of harsh chemicals. When selecting a moisturizer, look for formulations that contain natural ingredients like plant oils and extracts.
  • Apply moisturizer after taking a bath as the pores will still be open, and the excess water in the epidermis will help the skin absorb it quickly.
  • Use a DIY natural face mask once a week. You can try honey oatmeal or yoghurt face masks.
  • Sleep with a humidifier. It can help regulate the moisture level in the room and keep you hydrated.
  • If you’re applying makeup over your moisturizer, select an oil-free formula because it won’t affect your makeup application or cause excess greasiness throughout the day.

Natural Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Skin needs moisture to survive, but sebum production also helps protect your skin from drying out. Dry skin lacks sebum, the natural oil that keeps the skin nourished. To soothe such dry and irritated skin, try out these following tips – 

  1. Use coconut or olive oil in warm bathwater. Coconut Oil is also one of the best natural moisturizers for dry skin. Just drizzle a few tablespoons of the oil and enjoy the spa bath. It helps nourish and hydrate the skin and improves blood circulation in the body.
  2. Use an Avocado Mask. Mix a ripe Avocado and Honey at a 1:1 tablespoon ratio. You can also add a Vitamin E capsule to it. Apply this mask on the face and neck for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off. 
  3. Take an Oatmeal bath twice a month. Add powdered oatmeal to a bath and feel its wonder. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help treat dry skin.
  4. To cleanse a dry face, it is recommended to use a natural scrub so that the face is cleansed and sheds the excess layer of exfoliated skin. Use Olive Oil & Sugar Scrub. Mix 2 to 3 spoons of olive oil in half a cup of sugar to make a coarse paste. You can add a few drops of essential oil as well, like Lemon, Green Tea or Lavender Oil. Sugar helps in exfoliation, and Olive oil helps in moisture retention. Gently rub on the skin and wash it off with mild warm water. You can use this scrub on the whole body. 
  5. Dryness, itchiness, rashes are some of the common problems faced by people with dry skin. Yoghurt works as an effective remedy for this trouble. Yoghurt is full of lactic acid that stimulates cell regeneration which helps reduce or prevent dryness. Applying yoghurt every day before the bath will bring about improvements.

Natural Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Oily skin produces oil as a result of the gland’s action on the sebaceous gland. The oil keeps your skin moist. If you have oily skin, then there is a good chance that you didn’t moisturize your skin enough. It’s an utterly awful idea to skip moisturization. You should find a moisturizer for your face that contains the right ingredients, smells appealing, and is non-comedogenic. Well, there are so many natural moisturizers that will help moisture as well as hydrate your skin.

With oily skin, you want to avoid products that are too greasy or heavy. Oily skin is prone to clogging, which can lead to breakouts. One of the most important keys to healthy oily skin is using the right moisturizer for oily skin.

Suppose you use a moisturizer that’s too thick or heavy over time. In that case, it may slow down the natural production of sebum, leaving your face particularly vulnerable to environmental stressors like pollution, sun exposure and cold temperatures. You may need to experiment with different moisturizers to figure out what works best for your skin. Here are five organic moisturizers that are great for oily skin:

  1. Use Milk often. Milk is one of the best natural moisturizers for oily skin. It contains lactic acid, which has moisturizing properties. Dab cotton in milk and cleanse your face with it. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or lemon to it. It also acts as a skin barrier that protects from external dirt and pollution.
  2. DIY Aloe vera moisturizer. Aloe Vera contains enzymes like protease, lipase and amylase that help break down protein into amino acids that improve the texture of your skin. Aloe Vera gel acts as a herbal moisturizer for oily skin as it keeps your skin smooth and works great against acne scars. To make this herbal moisturizer for the face, you will need Aloe Vera gel 1 tablespoon, Lemon juice 3 tablespoons, Glycerin 5 ml, 10 drops of Vitamin E oil and Rosewater 2 teaspoons. 
  3. A simple home remedy that can be used to moisturize oily skin is rose water. Rosewater is used in many natural face moisturizers for oily skin. Take some rose petals in a pan and add some water to it. Boil the mixture. Strain and remove the petals and let the solution cool down. Mix one part of this solution with two parts of Aloe Vera gel. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse the solution thoroughly with water after 15 minutes. This will help you maintain a good pH balance of your face which will keep oiliness at bay. You can apply this organic oil-free face moisturizer almost every night.

Natural Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin

You might not be aware that acne-prone skin is one of the biggest challenges you will face when it comes to finding the best natural face moisturizer for acne-prone skin. For some individuals, Acne might be a long-term problem. Therefore, ensuring that they have the perfect moisturizer is very critical.

  1. Milk and olive oil are two of the best natural face moisturizers for skincare, so using them together will give you phenomenal results. Take 1 tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon of organic whole milk. Mix and apply to your face after washing your face with warm water. Massage the skin till it gets absorbed by your skin. Let it set out and dry.
  2. Tea tree oil is known to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide but without any side effects. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and it also acts as a natural astringent that dries out the excess oil on your acne-prone skin. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory action that helps in reducing redness and inflammation.

Beauty is skin deep, but natural beauty is so much more. Natural moisturizers are the rage these days. People are shifting to natural ingredients. And why not? There are a lot of benefits of applying natural stuff to our skin instead of synthetic ones.

The best part is Lely’s products are extracted from the finest natural resources to provide you with the natural and best skincare solutions. What makes it best is that these products are infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Glycerin. So if you want that beautiful soft, supple skin, then all you need to do is grab the right moisturizer.


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