Are you concerned about disposing of empty skin and hair packages?

Are you concerned about disposing of empty skin and hair packages

We are always in a dilemma whether to throw cosmetic and beauty products in the trash or put them for recycling? A year ago, recycling cosmetic and beauty products had never come into our minds.

But lately, we have started thinking more about the waste we are creating, which ends up in landfills or floating in the rivers and oceans.

Consumers, the cosmetics or beauty industry have begun to think about sustainable packaging.

1. What Can and Can’t be recycled in your area?

Depending on where you live and what service provider you have, you will have different recycling options. We have to check with our local government to see what is acceptable for recycling. The majority of communities have designated drop-off locations for plastic bags, while others may support local food waste recycling that can be turned into organic gardening soil. Usually, our recyclables get collected, sorted, and sent to the actual recycling company.

2. Where to check if a product is recyclable? 

The package tells you if it is recyclable or not based on several background clues. Look for the classic triangle with arrow symbol on the packaging and also paper and cardboard boxes are surely recyclable.

3. Does the color of the product container also matter?

The clear, green, and brown color glass is preferred for recycling but odd colors are problematic to recycle as it depends on what they are going to do with that glass.

4. Why can’t squeezable tubes and pouches be recycled?

Any packaging that is multi-material and multi-layer in format is challenging to recycle. That means that there is a coating or film inside the package or object is made from different types of plastics. Some toothpaste tubes and face mask pouches are made from multilayer, which must be thrown in the trash.

5. Droppers and pumps are also tricky to recycle.

Pumps and droppers on the top of the bottles are often made from multi-material. Be sure to remove pumps, droppers, caps, and screw tops before recycling the bottles, as they often have metal springs inside that are not visible.

6. How to dispose of the empty packaging?


Beauty products usually come wrapped in cellophane which is not recyclable and needs to be thrown in the normal trash.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles like shower gel, shampoos, and conditioners are recyclable. However, you need to rinse the product before putting it in the recycle bin. You can leave the lid on if it is not pumped or trigger head. 


Deodorants and hairsprays can usually be recycled, but make sure they are empty before recycling.

Make-up palettes, Mascara and Lipstick

Annoyingly, these products are too complicated to recycle. So they need to be put in normal trash. Or you can take beauty packaging to the company how accepts this product for recycling.

Glass jars

Hooray! You can put them in your recycling bin once you’ve emptied and cleaned them.

Cotton pads

They have been criticized for being as harmful to the environment as face wipes, but they are recyclable with your food waste. After you take your make-up off, throw it away straight in the kitchen trash.

Hair tools

It needs to be recycled at a specific center if your hair tool is broken. Your local charity shop may be able to accept this hair tool if you are not using it and it is in good condition. 

Nail varnish, fragrance bottles, make-up brushes

They can be disposed of in the normal waste bin since they are not recyclable.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

You can put this in the recycling bin or take it to the center that collects this kind of product.

 Let’s make a promise to understand the importance of recycling our beauty products.

  • Purchase products which are packaged in highly recycled materials, such as PET bottles
  • Buy refillable and reusable packaging from the brand which can offer that.
  • Try purchasing the brands which encourage discounts and freebies to customers who recycle their old beauty containers. 
  • Always wash the empty container with water before putting it into the recycle bin. 

Are you thinking of reusing the empty cosmetic containers? 

Yes, you can. Reusing beauty products is better than recycling them. Here are some fun and easy ways to keep your beauty products out of landfills! Collect your beauty product bottles and try one of these ideas to keep them from ending up in a landfill.

1. Your old Lip Balm container can store Bobby Pins.

2. Convert your compact container with a mirror for storing small jewellery, hair elastics, and earrings. 

3. If you have a collection of cute empty perfume bottles, which you do not want to throw away, which can convert into vases that will become an elegant piece of décor. Additionally, they can serve as oil diffusers.

4. You can turn your empty shampoo or conditioner bottles into a make-up brush or kids painting brush holder.

5. Tiny jars like a cream jar, moisturizer jars can be converted into cute pots for your herb plants and can be put on a window sill.

We are committed to protecting mother nature. Are you?

Let us take one small step in reducing paper waste and becoming earth conscious. We at Lely’s mindfully pack our products to minimize and optimize the use of materials. We do not use a cardboard box for packaging, and we do not print an invoice that is sent by email to our customers. By adopting recycling, we can benefit our community, the economy, and the environment by fighting against climate change. We urge you to do your part to save our Earth!



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