Are you doing Hair Serums the right way?

Are you doing Hair Serums the right way

Are you doing Hair Serums the right way?

Hair serum is a smoothing product that coats your hair. It’s designed to repair and protect the hair from damage caused by heat styling, chemicals and environmental pollutants.

But the question arises, do you use Hair Serum the right way? We will discuss all hair serum benefits, uses and application procedures in this blog.

Why Do We Use Hair Serum?

Good hair serum is your best friend if you’ve got curly, dry hair. People with curly hair should use a serum to help control the situation. Serums are lightweight formulas that are applied to wet or dry hair. They make your hair look smoother and shinier by coating it with silicones or oils.

Hair care serums also shine and lustre to the hair and tame frizziness and flyaways. It can also help detangle your hair after shampooing, so it’s easier to brush through your mane. Serums keep your hair looking sleek and shiny all day long.

When To Use Hair Serum?

Hair serum should be used after you shampoo and condition your hair when the hair is still wet. This helps seal in moisture and protects heat styling tools. You can also use it on dry hair before using flat irons or blow dryers.

Benefits of Hair Care Serum

Hair serum is a must-have for thick, coarse hair. It can be used on all hair types to add shine and smoothness and prevent tangles and breakage. Following are some of the benefits of Hair Serum.

1) Tame Frizz – Frizzy hair happens when the cuticle layer of your strands becomes damaged. It’s an issue for many women, especially those with fine or curly hair. Since serums are oil-based, they smooth out the cuticle layer, making your hair look and feel sleeker.

2) Polishes Hair – When you apply a serum to damp hair before blow-drying, it creates a glossy layer that magnifies the sheen of the cuticle. This creates a shiny effect that can easily be seen in daylight or under artificial light.

3) Reduces Tangles – Hair serums also help reduce tangles by coating your strands with a thin film of silicone or oil. This fills in gaps between the cuticles to help reduce friction, which eliminates snags and tangles.

4) Aids in Styling – Hair serums are essential if you use heat on your hair for styling purposes. Just remember to apply it before using any heat tools!

5) Moisturize Dry or Damaged Hair – If you have coloured or chemically treated hair that gets tangled easily and lacks shine, a hair serum may be able to help moisturize and smooth it out, so it looks healthy again. Serums can penetrate the cortex of your hair shafts to deliver nutrients and remove buildup from products like shampoo or conditioner.

What To Apply Before Using Hair Straightener?

Before using any heat treatment, ensure that your hair is shampooed and dirt-free. Then, to protect your hair from heat, you must apply the serum. There are many varieties of serums available on the market today. You can buy the one that suits your needs and requirements. Here’s what you must do while styling your hair –

  • Ensure that your hands are clean and dry while using the straightener.
  • Blow-dry your hair until it becomes 70% dry, and then apply hair serum on this semi-damp hair before using any heating tools like a hair straightener or curling iron. Serums are incredibly beneficial for protecting hair from artificial heat.
  • Take small sections of your hair and straighten them out at a time to avoid overheating your hair and damaging it permanently.
  • Avoid using heated tools on wet/damp hair as they may cause temporary damage like split ends or frizziness of your hair.

Which Serum Is Best For Hair?

It is hard to say which serum is best for hair because every person has a different scalp and hair type. There are various hair care serums for frizz control, heat protection, detangling and nourishment. However, some tips can help you decide on the product you should buy.

Hair serums are usually made of silicones and other chemicals. Still, one must always look out for products that have Amino Acids, Anti Oxidants, and Hair Moisturizers so that hair is frizz-free or detangled and moisturized and nourished.

Try Lely’s Hair Care Serum. It is known for its ability to nourish your hair and smoothen, soften, strengthen, and repair it from the inside. It covers each strand and prevents split ends while leaving your inches bouncy, silky, glossy and shiny. In addition, it has a subtle but soothing fragrance that can last all day long until the next wash.

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