Build Your Own Skincare Routine and Your Skin will THANK YOU!

Build Your Own Skincare Routine and Your Skin will THANK YOU!

How much time do you dedicate towards self-care in a day? Do you have a set skin care routine or is it just once in a while? While we all follow our mundane daily routines religiously, we take a step back when it comes to taking care of ourselves, but it should not be. Your skin deserves better. It is important to spare time to cleanse, tone, moisturize and help your skin be healthy and glowy. 

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and we cannot just blatantly ignore it. It is our skin that shields our vital organs from the external environment, we MUST look after it too. Not just once in a while, but every single day.

However, you would have heard these myths going around, like, “An Oily skin care routine should not consist of moisturizing products” or “Why do you need skin care for men?” Well, do not fall for such myths.

Skincare is skincare and whatever your skin type or gender is, you need to have a basic routine set in stone- to maintain that elasticity and firmness, so you can age like fine wine. The following blog consists of a carefully curated guideline on how you need to approach skincare. Let’s get down to the basics:

Skin care routines are usually divided into two parts.  The morning routine or AM routines differ from nighttime routines, so it’s important to understand how your skin reacts, and what it needs at various stages of the day. A morning routine serves to energize you for the day ahead, while an evening routine relaxes and helps you prepare for sleep.

Morning Skincare Routine

Facewash: Get rid of all that dirt and gunk clogged into your pores and create a clean canvas for the rest of your routine to sit on. For a dry skin care routine, a moisturizing face wash would be perfect, so it doesn’t strip you off of your natural oils. 

If you diligently follow a sensitive skin care routine for acne-prone skin, you could opt for Lely’s Acne squash wash, to suit your needs. And likewise, oily skin types can go for a gel-based cleanser that’s gentle and keeps the oils at bay

Toner: This step is totally optional, you may or may not tone your skin with an ALCOHOL-free toner. It’s an extra added step in your skincare when you feel like the facewash couldn’t get in there to give you a squeaky clean feeling. 

Serum: Pick up a serum targeted to your issues, Vitamin C works well for dull skin, Retinol prevents ageing, Niacinamide works on oil control and Hyaluronic Acid hydrates. So go ahead and pat your serum in.

Moisturise: Wrap up your skincare routine with a thick moisturizer if you’re dry or with a lightweight moisturizing lotion kind of consistency if you’re oily. There are various skin care creams that moisturize as well as helps the skin glow. Lely’s replenish skin care moisturising cream is all you need if you are stepping out as it is infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, as well as Glycerine that provides intense nourishment for dry skin. The moisturizing cream yields long-lasting hydration during the day.

Sunscreen: You can skip everything but not your SPF. Even if you’re just at home or it’s a cloudy day, UV rays find their way in and can damage your natural skin care barrier. So an SPF of 30-50 is optimum to seal the deal in your morning routine.

Don’t shy away from moisturization, every product is meant for a certain skin type. Always read the label before picking something up.

Night Skincare Routine

Facewash: It’s a given that you wash your face before you sleep. Get rid of the dirt that has been accumulated throughout the day. You can opt for skin care soap if you’re into sustainability.

Serum: If your serum says it needs to be applied at AM and PM, then include it in your night routine, otherwise, apply it whenever you feel it will be more effective. Some are meant to be applied at night only. Do as you please.

Spot treatment: Acne-prone skin types could really use some spot treatment with Lely’s Acne Gel to focus on the problematic areas.

Moisturize: Use heavy moisturizing cream, to lock in all that moisture and reap the benefits of all that skincare that has been layered underneath.

Facial oil: If you’re on the drier end of the spectrum, then a facial oil is a must. This guarantees overnight hydration which would plump up the skin. You would be glowing to the gods, the next day. 

This is just a basic outline of how a routine falls step by step, always start with the lightest consistency of products and then move to the thickest. Wait between each step and don’t just slap everything on together. You can always improvise seasonally, use lighter products for summer skincare and oil or moisture-based products for winter skin care. 

And lastly, skincare is holistic, it’s not just about you doing face skin care but also taking care of your entire body. Our hands and legs get crusty too and need some tender love and care. So choose a good scrub, preferably a coffee scrub to get of the dead skin around your elbows and knees, every once in a while. Hydrate with body oils and a suitable skin care cream to attain that glow throughout. 

Always remember that good skin always precedes makeup and it always doesn’t work externally, but internally too. Your eating habits and lifestyle are directly reflected in your skin. So get that nutritious diet in and keep that hydration in check. 

You can grab the moisturizing lotion or the Coffee scrub from Lely’s! These products are curated for your specific skin type, so you can build a regimen that fits your needs.

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