How To Grow Hair Faster Using The Best Hair Growth Products

How To Grow Hair Faster Using The Best Hair Growth Products

Nowadays, hair fall isn’t an age-related problem, many individuals start suffering from hair thinning in their late twenties. This number increases as they head towards their forties. Not only men, but even women also suffer from hair loss due to stress, anxiety and environmental pollution. 

Are you going through similar problems? Is Hair loss taking a toll on your mind? You’re in control of your life but can’t control your hair fall?

Lely’s can take away your worries with long-lasting solutions! 

In the past few years, we carried out various extended researches that resulted in the generation of advanced hair restoration techniques. A mixture of good ingredients can stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss. 

There are various hair care products available online that can help in hair regrowth process and cure frizzy hair. Here’s a specially curated list of products by Lely’s : 

  1. Anti-hair fall shampoo 

          Helps in strengthening hair roots 

Made with a blend of unique multi-beneficial ingredients, this shampoo is designed to take care of your hair. The four primary ingredients used in this shampoo are caffeine, saw palmetto, biotin and onion seed oil extract. Caffeine helps in stimulating the hair follicles which results in speeding up the hair growth process. Your dream lengths are not far because caffeine promotes blood flow to the scalp, increases follicular penetration and promotes hair growth. Saw palmetto on the other hand is a super hair loss combatant herb. It helps in stopping the production of DHT, a hormone that causes hair fall, which eventually promotes hair volume. Biotin helps in producing stronger hair as it boosts root strength and improves hair texture. Dull, lifeless, weak hair and tired scalp can all be cured by the gentle care of onion seed oil extract. In all, with this shampoo, each strand of your hair can thrive and have a robust as well as glossy texture. Being paraben free is an additional plus point to this shampoo. 

  1. Hair growth kit 

          It consists of Lely’s hair growth lotion and 0.5 mm with 540 titanium alloy needles derma roller 

The hair growth lotion provides the absolute nourishment your hair needs to grow long and strong. It reactivates hair follicles, stimulates the hair growth cycle and results in preventing hair fall. Add this product to your hair growth regimen and give your hair the healthy life they deserve.

Derma hair roller consists of 540 microscopic titanium needles that help stimulate the little pores on the scalp. It activates the pores which leads to enhanced blood flow resulting in hair growth. Blend of hair growth lotion and derma hair roller can do wonders for your hair regeneration process.

  1. Hair Fall Control kit 

          It consists of Lely’s Hair Growth Lotion, Lely’s Hair Oil and Lely’s Hair Serum

The lotion consists of hair protecting agents such as L Arginine, which helps in hair regeneration after excessive damage caused by bleaching used in hair colour. Another ultimate ingredient is AnaGain which prolongs the life cycle of hair. Saw palmetto, as mentioned above, balances the DHT hormone level responsible for shrinking hair follicles resulting in the prevention of hair thinning. 

Lely’s hair oil, the ultimate nourisher

This hair elixir eliminates dandruff, prevents split ends, nourishes the scalp, conditions hair and prevents protein loss, increases the lustre and slows down greying along with various other benefits.  This super oil is a blend of several beneficial oils such as Brahmi, castor, cottonseed, amla, bhringraj, coconut, sesame, and almond.

Lely’s hair serum

This is the best hair serum available online. With this, styling your hair in whatever ways you like is just made easier, as it controls frizz and all sorts of side effects caused by the weather.

The vital properties needed for healthy-looking, frizz free hair are all present in this serum such as: 

Vitamin E present in the serum helps in getting away from dullness. 

Lecithin- A unique blend of conditioners, amino acids and antioxidants to prevent split ends and work as a protective coating to the outermost layer of hair. 

With these products, get ready to flaunt your beautiful voluminous hair.

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