Rose Quartz Roller With A Good Dose Of Vitamin C: Benefits & How to Use

Rose Quartz Roller

What is a Rose quartz facial roller?

The rose quartz facial roller or the stone of love is a beauty tool made out of rose quartz stone. Since ancient times, rose quartz has been used for varieties of things such as jewellery, and carved pieces, including lamp bases, statues, and ashtrays. The roots of facial massage rollers lie in traditional medicinal practices. They’re believed to have soothing powers that can calm your skin. One side of the facial roller is typically larger than the other. It is known to give a spa-like experience without having to spend a fortune on spa treatments. This luxurious face massager boosts blood circulation and helps in releasing energizing properties that can transform the texture and appearance of your skin. It is also used to detox skin, reduce puffiness, encourage lymph drainage and remove under-eye sagging.

Benefits of Rose quartz face roller

It gives your skin a healthy glow:

  • Regular massage is essential for your skin cells to remain freshened and helps ro reduce the dull skin layer. This roller induces blood flow and fast tracks the skin cell renewal process.
  • The best advantage of enhanced facial blood circulation is radiant skin. 
  • A healthier blood circulation results in brighter, clearer, and luminous skin by allowing more oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients to reach it.

It calms the skin:

  • This is the best pampering addition to your skincare regimen, this double-ended roller can be used to gently calm your skin.
  • This ultra-smooth stone roller pleasantly calms your facial skin as it smoothly glides across.
  • Made from 100% natural rose quartz, this dual-headed face roller relaxes and rejuvenates your skin naturally.
  • The larger roller is meant to stimulate the forehead, cheeks, and jawline, whereas the smaller roller on the other end is designed specifically for the delicate areas on your face such as around the eyes.

It evens out the skin tone:

  • Did you know that there are 42 muscles in your face skin?

When facial muscles are tensed and repetitive expressions are made, deep lines can form on the surface of the skin. Regular use of this face roller can lead to more youthful appearance.

Various other benefits include:

  • It helps brighten skin tone by increasing lymphatic drainage and minimizing the appearance of pores
  • Reduces the puffiness 
  • Helps eliminate toxins, resulting in faster cell renewal
  • Minimizing spots around the chin and jawline  
  • Helps your skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin layer  
  • For a better experience, place the roller into the fridge for a while before using it  

Rose Quartz roller with a good dose of vitamin C serum can work like a boon for your skin. Vitamin C serum is enriched with natural antioxidants that work to stimulate collagen production in your skin. It also fights fine lines, and wrinkles and brightens your complexion. With its unique, lightweight texture and non-oily formula, it gets quickly absorbed into the layers of your skin. By adding these super skin care product to your daily routine,  you can get the effortlessly flawless skin you desire. 

Following are the steps to follow while using a rose quartz face roller :

  • Liberally apply Vitamin C serum to your face.
  • Using the larger side of the roller, start from your neck and roll upward. Rather than rolling back and forth, roll up for best results.
  • Move towards your jaw and cheeks, and gently continue to massage with the larger end in the direction of your ears with medium pressure.
  • Now moving towards the forehead, apply gentle pressure, starting from the centre and begin rolling using upward and outward movements.
  •  Repeat all these motions 5-6 times
  • It’s time to give that under-eye sagginess a good massage & to get rid of them.
  • Using the smaller end of the roller, with medium pressure, roller it towards the outer end, starting from the inner end. Repeat this motion 10-12 times. 
  • Place the roller between both the eyebrows and roll out over the eyebrow. Switch sides after repeating the motion 5-10 times.
  • Lastly, using the smaller end massage your jaw in back and forth motion and use the rapid rolling method if any spot feels extra tight.
  • Clean up your roller with soapy warm water and repeat this process daily for the best results. 

Rose quartz face rollers are an excellent addition to the skincare routine. Treat yourself to a moment of self-care on the go with our range of skincare products and redefine yourself. 

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